Youre The Best Thing About Me

That melancholy blog post permeates U2’s recent song, uno somber tale that’s only momentarily disguised by its cheery title, “You’re los Best Thing about Me.”

Another silly Love Song?

If you just listened to this song’s chorus, you’d be forgiven for reasoning that Bono was telling uno happy love historia here.

Tu lees esto: Youre the best thing about me

“You’re the best thing about me,” Bono’s iconic, raspy voice rings out above Edge’s echoing guitar riffs. “The ideal thing that ever before happened un boy.” (The include “to” in that final phrase is curiously absent.)

Alas, all is not well.

Quiet stress and anxiety lurks in los song’s very first line: “When girlfriend look so good, ns pain in your face doesn’t show.” the second line adds, “When you look so good, y baby you don’t also know,” perhaps implying that this woman has actually struggled so largo that hiding her emotions has actually become 2nd nature.

Then we hear this metaphorical harbinger of uno brilliant, beautiful connection burning out: “When ns world is ours, but ns world is not your type of thing/Full of shoot stars, brighter together they’re vanishing.”

Things weren’t constantly so dire. Once, this man y woman had un good hora together. (Indeed, perhaps too good). “You’re the best thing about me,” Bono sings. “I’m the kind of trouble that you enjoy.” But great things, he hints darkly, can be fragile, too: “The finest things are straightforward to destroy.”

Even though ns song’s protagonist reportedly cares deeply for los woman, the keeps sabotaging ns relationship. His unconsidered indigenous do damage (“Shooting turn off my mouth, that’s another great thing about me,” Bono sings sarcastically), while his inside emptiness watch predestines him for fail (“I have actually everything, but me gustaría feel favor nothing in ~ all/There’s alguna risky thing for uno man who’s determined to fall”).

Later, Bono observes that what this male offers (“I have the right to see friend love she loudly”) is not what she eventually needs (“When she requirements you quietly”).

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In the end, that leaves ns woman that loves, even though the isn’t quite sure why: “Why am I/Why am i walking away?” that asks.

And that’s the melancholy secret that ns song leaves united state with.

Messes, Mystery y Meaning

“You’re los Best Thing around Me” doesn’t tell un happily ever after story. Rather, it argues that periodically even ns things we care around most deeply don’t work-related out, sometimes for factors we can’t plainly articulate.

So go this song breezily rationalize abandoning un floundering romantic relationship? identificación don’t think that’s what’s walking on here. Rather, me gustaría suspect Bono & Co. Are narrating uno kind of painful experience plenty of of us have actually lived with at some apuntar a in ours lives. Even as we try to accurately decide what, exactly, go wrong, we can’t quite put our finger top top it.

U2 captures the pain of together experiences here, pain the this song leaves hanging instead of resolving. Y even though most of united state gravitate toward stories con nice, tidy endings, Bono & Co.

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