Xbox game pass (juegos)

Immerse yourself in un library of over 100 high-quality games. Enjoy los benefits of Live Gold, EA Play, y play across devices desde the cloud when you sign up with juego Pass Ultimate.

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Subscription continues immediately at $14.99/mo. Unless cancelled v your Microsoft Account. Watch terms.


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Play brand new games on día one from game Studios and Bethesda Softworks, plus select indies y blockbusters.

use the arrow keys to navigate through los pivots and tab to emphasis on focusable contents inside a pivot section Back cuatro Blood Forza Horizon 5 Halo boundless no

Back 4 Blood

obtainable October 12, dos mil veintiuno CONSOLE · computador personal · CLOUD

Back 4 Blood is uno thrilling cooperative first-person shooter representar the creators of the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead franchise. Experience ns intense 4 player co-op narrative campaign, vain multiplayer as humanidad or Ridden, y frenetic gameplay that keeps friend in the action.

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Forza Horizon 5

easily accessible November 9, 2021 CONSOLE · computador personal · CLOUD

Your ultimate Horizon Adventure awaits! Explore ns vibrant and ever-evolving open world landscapes the Mexico con limitless, fun driving activity in hundreds of ns world’s best cars.

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Halo Infinite

December 8, 2021 CONSOLE · ordenador personal · CLOUD

When every hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, the Master cook is ready to confront los most ruthless enemy he’s ever faced. Start anew y step inside ns armor that humanity’s best hero to experience an epic adventure and finally explore los scale of ns Halo ring itself.

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EA juego is now included con game Pass for PC y Ultimate at no extra cost. Con EA Play, unlock accessibility to a collection of EA’s best-loved games, in-game rewards, y trials that select new games.

Prove you yourself on ns battlefield. Join un co-op adventure. Build imaginative worlds. Experience un huge range of games desde every genre y with games added all time, there’s constantly something nuevo to play.


Download y play in full fidelity

Download and play online or offline desde your console, home windows PC, or both con juego Pass Ultimate.

Play from the cloud

jugar 100+ console gamings on home windows PC, phones, and tablets with juego Pass Ultimate. Live Gold

juego together with friends y join los greatest comunidad of gamers on los most advanced multiplayer network. Acquire 2-4 free games every month and save as much as 50% on game purchases.

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Exclusive member discounts game Pass members have the right to save up to 20% off select games in los juego Pass library, plus approximately 10% turn off related game add-ons.

BROWSE gamings

Choose the plan that"s right for you

Devoted to ordenador personal gaming? cursed to her console? there’s a destinadas for you. Or, with Ultimate, get it all — including playing games representar the cloud, Live Gold, and more.

Have a code or gift card? Redeem.



Get your very first month because that $1, then $14.99/mo.

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sign up with FOR $1 no

Subscription proceeds automatically. View terms.

play over cien high-quality games on console, PC, y mobile devices new games included all ns time no game Studios titles the same day as relax Exclusive member discounts y deals jugar games from the cloud complimentary Perks including in-game content y partner supplies also INCLUDES:

(A $9.99/MO. VALUE) Live Gold has Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, and console multiplayer


A library that top digital Arts title on console y PC, exclude, rewards, y member-only content

sign up with FOR $1 no

Subscription proceeds automatically. Check out terms.

jugar over cien high-quality gamings on PC nuevo games added all ns time no juego Studios titles ns same trabaja as relax Member discounts y deals
likewise INCLUDES:


A library of top digital Arts titles on PC, to exclude, rewards, y member-only content

join NOW

Subscription continues automatically. See terms.

play over cien high-quality console gamings on console new games added all los time no game Studios titles ns same día as release Member discounts y deals Console game Pass Ultimate

No Upfront Cost

Your all-inclusive pass to the world the

obtain an serie X or serie S console, plus veinticuatro months that game Pass Ultimate, starting at $24.99 uno month for veinticuatro months with cuales upfront cost.^

no LEARN more game Pass Ultimate contains all the benefits that Live Gold, add to over cien high-quality console y PC games. Nuevo games are added all the time, so there’s constantly something new to play. Enjoy exclusive member deals and discounts. Juego together with friends on the most progressed multiplayer network y discover your next favorite game.

After you sign up with game Pass Ultimate, girlfriend can continue to redeem Live Gold and juego Pass codes. This codes will immediately convert come game Pass ultimate based on los following counter table. Conversion relación subject come change.

Token says…

You get…


1 month of Gold

3 month of Gold

6 months of Gold

12 month of Gold

24 month of Gold

1 month the game Pass (Console Games)

3 months of juego Pass (Console Games)

6 month of juego Pass (Console Games)

12 month of game Pass (Console Games)

24 month of juego Pass (Console Games)

1 month of juego Pass pc Games

20 work of Ultimate

50 job of ultimate (1+ month)

79 days of ultimate (2+ months)

4 months of Ultimate

8 months of Ultimate

20 days of Ultimate

2 months of Ultimate

4 months of Ultimate

5 month of Ultimate

10 months of Ultimate

20 job of Ultimate

Is juego Pass available in mine market?


Visit for details on sector availability.

How long do i have accessibility to gamings within los juego Pass to plan library?

no juego Pass members enjoy accessibility to high-quality games dentro de the computador personal or console libraries, till either the membership is canceled/expires, or a game leaves ns juego Pass library. game Pass ultimate members will immediately receive los entitlement because that EA juego on console and can browse and download gamings through the game Pass endure on your console.

To acquire started on PC, juego Pass Ultimate y juego Pass for computador personal members will first need to connect their y EA accounts y make certain they have EA desktop (beta) installed on their PC. Los app on Windows computador personal will walk you through los setup process.

If you have actually played an EA Play juego on her console, your y EA account are likely linked, so you have to ensure friend sign-in to ns application on Windows ordenador personal with that same account you use for console.

Once you have installed EA desktop computer (beta) and link your accounts you will be able to browse los EA play catalog y download gamings through ns app on Windows computador personal via EA desktop (beta).

If you are having actually trouble con linking her & EA accounts, you have the right to find added support here.

The recurring billing attribute is switched on by default, definition you"ll instantly pay for a nuevo subscription period when your current duration ends.

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You can switch recurring billing off y back on v your Microsoft account or representar your console. Learn an ext about protecting against recurring billing in ~ Microsoft Support.

no game PASS can be fried FAQ no juego PASS FOR ordenador personal FAQ game PASS for CONSOLE FAQ EA juego WITH juego PASS FAQ no CLOUD GAMING WITH juego PASS FAQ no

Promotional offer Terms: *Sign in for your obtainable offers. Advancement offers might not be precious for all members and are only available for a limitado time. Supplies not precious in Russia; other geographical restrictions might apply. Credit transaction card required. Delaware promotional period, subscription proceeds to be charged at los then-current regularmente price (subject to change), unless cancelled. To add applicable taxes.