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The 2021/22 Champions liga campaign is underway and we have actually all los information you have to know.

The Champions League location is regreso in the mano of one English side delaware Chelsea derrotar Manchester City 1-0 in los 2020/21 Final.

What will also be good to check out is the fact that ns tournament should be able to have fans trasero in ns stadium con sellout attendances together we finally empezar to allow fans espalda in following los pandemic.

Here is everything you need to know about the Champions league 2021/22 campaign:

ResultsGroup Stages

Wednesday 5th November

Group A: Man city 4-1 sociedad Brugge,RB Leipzig 2-2 PSGGroup B:Liverpool 2-0 Atletico Madrid,AC Milan 1-1 PortoGroup C: Dortmund 1-3 Ajax,Sporting 4-0 BesiktasGroup D:Sheriff 1-3 Inter Milan,Real la capital española 2-1 Shakhtar

Tuesday 4th November

Group E:Bayern 5-2 Benfica,Dynamo 0-1 BarcelonaGroup F:Atalanta 2-2 male United,Villarreal 2-0 young BoysGroup G:Wolfsburg 2-1 Salzburg,Sevilla 1-2 LilleGroup H:Malmo 0-1 Chelsea,Juventus 4-2 Zenit

Wednesday 20th October

Group E: barcelona 1-0 Dynamo Kyiv,Benfica 0-4 Bayern MunichGroup F: Manchester flor 3-2 Atalanta, young Boys 1-4 VillarrealGroup G: Salzburg 3-1 Wolfsburg,Lille 0-0 SevillaGroup H: Chelsea 4-0 Malmo FF,Zenit 0-1 Juventus

Tuesday 19th October

Group A: sociedad Brugge 1-5 Manchester City, parís Saint Germain 3-2 RB LeipzigGroup B: Atletico la capital española 2-3 Liverpool, FC Porto 1-0 AC MilanGroup C: Ajax 4-0 Borussia Dortmund, Besiktas 1-4 atlético LisbonGroup D: Inter Milan 3-1 Sherrif Tiraspol, Shaktar Donetsk 0-5 de verdad Madrid

Tuesday veintiocho September

Group A: paris Saint Germain 2-0 Manchester City, RB Leipzig 1-2 sociedad BrugesGroup B: FC Porto 1-5 Liverpool, AC Milan 1-2 athletic MadridGroup C: Ajax 2-0 Besiktas, Borussia Dortmund 1-0 deportes LisbonGroup D: Shakhtar Donetsk 0-0 Inter Milan, Real la villa de madrid 1-2 alguacil Tiraspol

Wednesday veintinueve September

Group E: Benfica 3-0 Barcelona, Bayern Munich 5-0 Dynamo KyivGroup F: Atalanta 1-0 young Boys, Manchester flor 2-1 VillarrealGroup G: FC la red Bull Salzburg 2-1 Lille, VfL Wolfsburg 1-1 SevillaGroup H: Zenit ns Petersburg 4-0 Malmö FF, Juventus 1-0 Chelsea

Tuesday 14 September

Group E: barna 0-3 Bayern, Dynamo Kyiv 0-0 BenficaGroup F: joven Boys 2-1 Man. United, Villarreal 2-2 AtalantaGroup G: Sevilla 1-1 Salzburg, LOSC 0-0 WolfsburgGroup H: Chelsea 1-0 Zenit, Malmö 0-3 Juventus

Wednesday 15 September

Group A: Man. Ciudad 6-3 Leipzig, sociedad Brugge 1-1 ParisGroup B: fuerte de la capital de españa 0-0 Porto, Liverpool 3-2 AC MilanGroup C: Beşiktaş 1-2 Dortmund, deportes CP 1-5 AjaxGroup D: sheriff 2-0 Shakhtar Donetsk, Inter 0-1 verdadero Madrid


Tuesday diecisiete August

Salzburg 2-1 BrøndbySheriff 3-0 Dinamo ZagrebMonaco 0-1 Shakhtar Donetsk

Wednesday dieciocho August

Young guys 3-2 FerencvárosMalmö 2-0 LudogoretsBenfica 2-1 PSV Eindhoven

Play-off second legs

Tuesday 24 August

Ferencváros 2-3 young BoysLudogorets 2-1 MalmöPSV Eindhoven 0-0 Benfica

Wednesday 25 August

Brøndby 1-2 SalzburgDinamo Zagreb 0-0 SheriffShakhtar Donetsk 2-2 Monaco

Champions league Fixtures

There are ns lot the fixtures in los tournament as it has ns qualifying rounds, the group stages y the knockouts and these fixtures won’t be sorted for a while.

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The fixtures for the qualifying ring to obtain into the group stages but we should know these fixtures in the próximo few months. Us will continue to update you with fixtures once they space released.

The matches are due to take ar on this dates:

Qualifying22 June 2021: Preliminary ring semi-finals25 June 2021: Preliminary round final6/7 & 13/14 July 2021: very first qualifying round20/21 & 27/28 July 2021: second qualifying round3/4 & diez August 2021: third qualifying round17/18 & 24/25 august 2021: Play-offs Group stage

Matchday 1

Tuesday catorce September

Group E: barna vs Bayern, Dynamo Kyiv vs BenficaGroup F: young Boys vs Man. Flor (18:45 CET), Villarreal vs AtalantaGroup G: Sevilla vs Salzburg (18:45 CET), LOSC vs WolfsburgGroup H: Chelsea vs Zenit, Malmö vs Juventus

Wednesday 15 September

Group A: Man. City vs Leipzig, sociedad Brugge vs ParisGroup B: ejercicio de la villa de madrid vs Porto, Liverpool vs AC MilanGroup C: Beşiktaş vs Dortmund (18:45 CET), atlético CP vs AjaxGroup D: sheriff vs Shakhtar Donetsk (18:45 CET), Inter vs real Madrid

Matchday 2

Tuesday veintiocho September

Group A: parís vs Man. City, Leipzig vs club BruggeGroup B: AC Milan vs athletic de Madrid, Porto vs LiverpoolGroup C: Ajax vs Beşiktaş (18:45 CET), Dortmund vs deportes CPGroup D: Shakhtar Donetsk vs Inter (18:45 CET), Real la villa de madrid vs Sheriff

Wednesday veintinueve September

Group E: Bayern vs Dynamo Kyiv, Benfica vs BarcelonaGroup F: Atalanta vs joven Boys (18:45 CET), Man. Unido vs VillarrealGroup G: Salzburg vs LOSC, Wolfsburg vs SevillaGroup H: Zenit vs Malmö (18:45 CET), Juventus vs Chelsea

Matchday 3

Tuesday diecinueve October

Group A: club Brugge vs Man. Ciudad (18:45 CET), parís vs LeipzigGroup B: fuerte de madrid vs Liverpool, Porto vs AC MilanGroup C: Beşiktaş vs sporting CP (18:45 CET), Ajax vs DortmundGroup D: Shakhtar Donetsk vs de verdad Madrid, Inter vs Sheriff

Wednesday veinte October

Group E: barcelona vs Dynamo Kyiv (18:45 CET), Benfica vs BayernGroup F: joven Boys vs Villarreal, Man. Unido vs AtalantaGroup G: Salzburg vs Wolfsburg (18:45 CET), LOSC vs SevillaGroup H: Chelsea vs Malmö, Zenit vs Juventus

Matchday 4

Tuesday dos November

Group E: Dynamo Kyiv vs Barcelona, Bayern vs BenficaGroup F: Villarreal vs joven Boys, Atalanta vs Man. UnitedGroup G: Wolfsburg vs Salzburg (18:45 CET), Sevilla vs LOSCGroup H: Malmö vs Chelsea (18:45 CET), Juventus vs Zenit

Wednesday tres November

Group A: Man. Ciudad vs sociedad Brugge, Leipzig vs ParisGroup B: AC Milan vs Porto (18:45 CET), Liverpool vs fuerte de MadridGroup C: atlético CP vs Beşiktaş, Dortmund vs AjaxGroup D: Real la capital de españa vs Shakhtar Donetsk (18:45 CET), sheriff vs Inter

Matchday 5

Tuesday 23 November

Group E: Dynamo Kyiv vs Bayern (18:45 CET), barcelona vs BenficaGroup F: Villarreal vs Man. Unido (18:45 CET), joven Boys vs AtalantaGroup G: Sevilla vs Wolfsburg, LOSC vs SalzburgGroup H: Malmö vs Zenit, Chelsea vs Juventus

Wednesday veinticuatro November

Group A: Man. City vs Paris, club Brugge vs LeipzigGroup B: atlético de la villa de madrid vs AC Milan, Liverpool vs PortoGroup C: Beşiktaş vs Ajax (18:45 CET), deportes CP vs DortmundGroup D: Inter vs Shakhtar Donetsk (18:45 CET), sheriff vs de verdad Madrid

Matchday 6

Tuesday 7 December

Group A: parís vs club Brugge (18:45 CET), Leipzig vs Man. City (18:45 CET)Group B: Porto vs ejercicio de Madrid, AC Milan vs LiverpoolGroup C: Dortmund vs Beşiktaş, Ajax vs deportes CPGroup D: Real la capital española vs Inter, Shakhtar Donetsk vs Sheriff

Wednesday ocho December

Group E: Benfica vs Dynamo Kyiv, Bayern vs BarcelonaGroup F: Man. Unido vs young Boys, Atalanta vs VillarrealGroup G: Salzburg vs Sevilla, Wolfsburg vs LOSCGroup H: Juventus vs Malmö (18:45 CET), Zenit vs Chelsea (18:45 CET)

Champions league Draw

Football fans love the draws in cup competitions and we get un lot of draws in ns Champions liga as we go through ns rounds.

The 67th season the Europe"s elite sociedad competition, los 30th because it was renamed ns UEFA champion League, is reserved to operación from veintidos June dos mil veintiuno to veintiocho May 2022. Right here are when los draws will take place:

8 June 2021: Preliminary round15 June 2021: first qualifying round16 June 2021: 2nd qualifying round19 July 2021: 3rd qualifying round2 agosto 2021: Play-off round26 agosto 2021: coporación, grupo stage13 December 2021: ring of mil seiscientos dieciocho March 2022: Quarter-finals & Semi-finals

Champions league Groups

Here are the grupo stages for the Champions league this year:

Group A: Manchester City, PSG, RB Leipzig, sociedad Brugge

Group B: Atletico Madrid, Liverpool, Porto, AC Milan

Group C: atlético Lisbon, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, Besiktas

Group D: Inter Milan, real Madrid, Shahktar Donetsk, sheriff Tiraspol

Group E: Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Benfica, Dynamo Kyiv

Group F: Villarreal, Manchester United, Atalanta, joven Boys

Group G: Lille, Sevilla, RB Salzburg, Wolfsburg

Group H: Chelsea, Juventus, Zenit St. Petersburg, Malmo

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Where will ns 2021/22 champion League por último take place?

The eventualmente will take place at the smo Petersburg Stadium. It has actually been home to Zenit due to the fact that 2017.

Champions league 2021/22 Betting Odds

It is always interesting to see who the favourite team to win ns tournament is and other odds like optimal goalscorer.

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Here are los latest odds for ns favourites come win los Champions league this season:

PSG —apoyándose 10/3

Man City -papposo 7/2

Bayern Munich —apoyándose 7/1

Chelsea - 7/1

Liverpool - 9/1

Man United —apoyándose 9/1

Real Madrid -papposo 14/1

Atletico Madrid - 20/1

Barcelona —apoyándose 20/1

Juventus -papposo 28/1

Borussia Dortmund -papposo 33/1

Atalanta rápido 50/1

Sevilla -papposo 66/1

Inter Milan —apoyándose 66/1

AC Milan rápido 80/1

Ajax rápido 100/1

RB Leipzig - 100/1

Porto - 150/1

Wolfsburg -papposo 150/1

Villareal -papposo 150/1

Benfica rápido 150/1

Lille -papposo 150/1

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