A-Ha —apoyándose Take on Me video. Picture: Warner Bros

A-Ha burst onto the música scene in mil novecientos ochenta y cinco with their incredibly catchy track 'Take ~ above Me', and it's tho one of ns greatest música pop songs ever before made.

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But what inspired the song and who do its above partly-animated video?

After singing to Warner Bros in the UK, ns Norwegian tape met with producer Tony Mansfield, who blended their demos -papposo including 'Take ~ above Me' con electronic instrumentation quite than their normal instruments.

This sound was no what the band had actually hoped come achieve, y the album was remixed again.

The band shortly released 'Take ~ above Me' together a solamente in ns UK, but the individual only charted at ciento treinta y siete in late 1984.

Warner Bros in the estados unidos then chose to invest in los group, and gave them los chance come re-record ns song.

It climate flopped un second time

Former Warner hermano UK executive andrew Wickham said in 2020: "I got ns call from Terry Slater... Identificación couldn't believe my ear when i heard Morten Harket sing. I thought, how have the right to somebody who looks prefer a film star sound choose Roy Orbison? identificación thought, this is unbelievable."

Wickham signed A-ha to Warner hermanos America, delaware learning of your previous do the efforts to do 'Take top top Me' a hit.

He approved large investments in ns band, and on Slater's recommendation, producer alan Tarney was lugged in to refine the song.

The new recording had un much cleaner and soaring sound, and a coda section instead of los earlier quick fade-out.

It was re-released in los UK, but the record label's office in London offered very little support, y the single flopped for ns second time.

Its video finally do it un hit

Wickham didn't offer up, and Steve Barron was carried in come direct a revolutionary rotoscoping vitalidad music video, taking six months come complete, using experto artists miguel Patterson and Candace Reckinger.

It shortly became ns worldwide hit thanks to los video and its heavy use on MTV, getting to number one in los USA and number two in the UK.

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How was ns video made?

The video was filmed in 1985 at Kim's el café (now called Savoy Café), i beg your pardon is on the corner the Wandsworth Road and Pensbury location in London, and on un sound phase in London.

The videolapes used un pencil-sketch animation and live-action mix called rotoscoping, in which los live-action clip is traced over marco de la foto by cuadro to give ns characters realistic movements.

Around 3,000 frames were rotoscoped, taking dieciséis weeks come complete. The idea of ns video was said by Warner Bros executive, management Jeff Ayeroff.

The fantasy video follows uno comic book narrative con motorcycle sidecar racing, in which the hero (Morten Harket) is chased by dos opponents, among whom is play by emitir Philip Jackson.

Meanwhile at a cafe, uno young woman, played by Bunty bailey (Harket's girlfriend at ns time), is reading ns comic book. As the woman reads along, ns waitress brings she coffee y the bill.

After winning the race, Harket winks at los woman representar the page. His pencil-drawn hand then reaches el fin of ns book, inviting ns woman inside. She then appears as uno pencil drawing, as the action unfolds.

The videos won six awards at the mil novecientos ochenta y seis MTV Video música Awards, y is widely well-known as one of ns greatest música videos of all time.

Who has covered it?

Ska punk tape Reel large Fish covered the song in 1998 for the película BASEketball.

Boyband A1 did one much better than A-Ha by taking their note-for-note cover to number one in ns UK in 2000.

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More recently, it showed up in un scene desde video game The último of Us component II, when the character Ellie, play by Ashley Johnson, sings one acoustic version.