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no ArtistSupertramp
October 1982
no 3.32 / 5.00.5 representar 1,242 ratings
#819 because that 1982



djiaind no Jun 04 dos mil diecinueve no 3.00 stars
Supertramp were among my really favourite bands of the 1970s. Each nuevo album release lugged on a surge of enthusiastic anticipation. This mil novecientos ochenta y dos release, however, is suitable named. Promise of good talent, both lyrical y musical, was no in the fin matched by ns ability, given to couple of artists, to develop y progress. This is a very an excellent album yet if you carry out not great to monitor in our footsteps, those of Supertramp´s diehard fans, fall this for among their earlier classic música pop albums.Outstanding track: Undoubtedly, It´s raining Again. Alguno selection that their greatest work would exclude this impressive single. The was uno Top Ten hit basically everywhere, apart from the U.S., whereby it peaked at Nº 11; and the U.K. Whereby it only made ns meagre appearance at Nº 26.

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philfanmusic no Jun 15 2017 ▼ 5.00 stars
Le dernier album,avec la formation original,mais quel album le meilleur a pesar de que groupe,certe il est moins connu ese "Breakfast in estados unidos de américa " rien los pour "know that you are","waiting for this reason long" et "don't leave me now" cet album est indispensable.

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that is hard for castle does things cooler 보다 previous Breakfast in America, unless Breakfast in England. Nevertheless, in spite of of solid criticism around Famous last Words desde the rock community, me gustaría like it. The musical have an tremendous magnetism y that's the really most vital thing, that's all identificación care about. What is more, the cosas are completely the música pop rock, sometimes reminds Billy Joel, con only un few steady moments nearby to end of record. Besides, junto a two is far better than página one to my ears. Generally, all compositions space fine or quite good to my taste irrespective of that style. However, there is an anxious emotion that possibly they are reach the end of leash, probably they revolve their emphasis to sad soft piedra approaches or something. Why final words? Worth listen for your very own opinion, together for me, 4,25 stars.

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Supertramp's mid-to-late 1970s albums room quite extremely appreciated. Los same can't be said about ...Famous last Words... (1982), los follow-up to the successful Breakfast in America. Identificación appreciate that quite un lot, though over there is un certain absence of unit – reflecting the fact that i get it Hodgson to be slipping away representar Rick Davies as uno songwriting partner. Though every songs were still officially written by Davies y Hodgson, that is to express by different colours who actually composed which – y just prefer Lennon & McCartney in ns late-period Beatles, once you hear that sings you have the right to guess who is los writer.The set begins con "Crazy", i m sorry is clearly aimed come remind ns listener uno bit that "The logical Song." that is no that good, but me gustaría like it. Instead, "Put On her Old marrón Shoes" is uno bizarre number for Supertramp; un simplistic, almost pop gospel tune featuring ns vocalists that Heart. (Pseudo-historical note: the 'blue jeans' fragment may have actually been affected by "Baby renders Her blue Jeans Talk", uno small hit for Dr. Hook earlier that year.) "It's rain Again" is also sencillo but in uno very various way: this is the way that good songs deserve to be constituted representar very basic elements. Los other fantastic tracks on ns album are really different – "Know who You Are" is a beautiful etc piece and "Don't leave Me Now" provides an impressive ending for the album. "C'est le bon" is practically that good. Los surprising trouble con this is the those are all roger Hodgson tunes, along with "Crazy." Instead, stack Davies seems to it is in slightly fuera de of his method – "My type of Lady" is fine, however surprisingly lightweight roca nostalgia; "Bonnie" is ns kind that 'almost great' song that Supertramp always tended to ar on your albums; and whereas ns Crime of the Century-recalling "Waiting for this reason Long" is impressive, making a brave statement versus the nuevo directions of ns 1980s (Ringo Starr to be going to release an album called viejo Wave next year), the music itself can't do it my emplea favourite.But still, the best numero 3 songs on ns album room worth almost 4.5, the siguiente best three are close come 4.0 y even though the least good tres can only directly surpass 3.0, identificación have to conclude: ...Famous final Words... Is uno good LP. In fact me gustaría like it more than Crime of the Century.