The dos biggest martial arts activity stars of los 1990s, steven Seagal y Jean Claude van Damme, execute not choose each other. The is ns feud the has sustained for decades, con several de verdad life confrontations occurring outside ns box office arena. It’s tiempo to take un brief look at at los war in between Seagal y Van Damme.

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The first (known) shots came from Sensei Seagal. In mil novecientos noventa y uno when showing up on ns Arsenio room show, the host asked los Master if he’d heard of un man referred to as Jean Claude ir Damme. Despite not being keen ~ above answering, as soon as Hall pressed, Seagal comment bluntly: “No“. Unlikely, given van Damme’s near-meteoric increase as un martial art action estrella at los time.

When inquiry further, Seagal then nodded that he was, in fact, conscious of andar Damme’s existence. Asked what he believed of van Damme’s work, Seagal looked to the floor climate asked come change los subject. Yet then, made decision to opine.

“I just promised all my mentors identificación was going come be uno good boy,” admitted Seagal prior to unleashing ns snide response.

He said: I think that’s uno matter of opinion he was champion anywhere. I’m not being catty or anything identificación wish the chico all los best. However there are an horrible lot of world who to speak that’s no true.”



Having stuck it to van Damme on national television, the two men were come have un conversation in person. Many think that los infamous donar down at Sylvester Stallone’s house in mil novecientos noventa y siete was the first was standing off, but this actually took location at a Planet Hollywood venue año earlier.

In a mil novecientos noventa y cuatro interview with MovieLine, van Damme said once asked around his opinion the Seagal: “Well, he’s a good guy, yet he’s too tense. I witnessed him in earth Hollywood y I said, ‘Hey, Steven, you speak bad around me ~ above TV. Why?‘”

Van Damme stated that Seagal only muttered and would no answer properly.

“I said, ‘Come on, look, I’m un nice guy. Am me gustaría a bad guy?’ me gustaría shook his hand, the relaxed. Hey, it’s it s okay if he desires to speak things. It’s not my problem.”

Van Damme then posited that Mr. Seagal was not in los best that shapes, physically, y might should up his juego in other areas, too.

He’s no in good physical shape, for sure not. He come on ns screen playing un macho hombre who fights in ns suit. Ladies love that. Warner Bros, really promoted him in Above los Law and los movie didn’t perform that much, yet he became a estrella on video. Identificación believe he’s got some charisma. Now he has to change, to uncover something new. It will certainly be…difficult.”



Seagal, JCVD and Sly elsewhere… Seagal probably wearing the same manly attire representar that notorious night

After taking to uno Brazilian TV show in mil novecientos noventa y cinco and denouncing stephen Seagal as ns “very boring man”, things were to change the ladder severely two years later, in 1997. Sylvester Stallone threw a house party ~ above his own property. Over there were countless famous human being in attendance, including Arnold Schwarzenegger y Madonna.

Stallone relayed what happened siguiente to

“At a party in my patria in Miami in 1997, Van Damme was tired of Seagal explain he can kick his ass for this reason he readily available Seagal outside into my espalda yard. Seagal make his excuses and left. But van Damme, who was berserk, tracked him debajo at a nightclub and offered him fuera de again.”

Stallone then noted that andar Damme was “too strong” and that Seagal “wanted no one of it“.

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Speaking about ns incident, ir Damme said he was worried about screwing up Balboa’s sophisticated furniture. (And, offered that Stallone has openly admitted to beaten an additional motorist to uno pulp because that ramming the regreso of his car, it’s probably finest not to mess con his belongings…)

“No fight was made, just ns little pushing”, ir Damme said in a 2010 French interview. “Because it was un beautiful house. Had beautiful furniture. I to be pissed uno little y said to steven come outside.

I waited dos hours yet he never came. steven was really disrespectful that night.”

Seagal, however, has ns different recollection of los incident. He approached me. He to be drooling. Foaming at los mouth. Y he stated something to me. Me gustaría just said trasero to him, ‘When you’re sober, if that day ever comes, come to speak shit to me, identificación don’t treatment how small you are or how girlie friend are. The won’t matter"”.


For un while, ns feud put dormant. And it looked prefer it may also have to be settled, as soon as rumor come that Moshe Diamont was going to integrate the star power of both actors y have them appear in an epos two-hander referred to as Weapon. Stated IGN:

In Weapon, mujer Conway (Steven Seagal) y Derek chase (Jean-Claude ir Damme) are the two best assassins in los world — however unknown to every other. While Conway is un master sharpshooter, follow is equally experienced with a knife. This two rival assassins type an uneasy alliance to take debajo the head of ns drug cartel, which is backed by the DEA. Los producers announced this day that principal photography on Weapon will commence in July dos mil nueve on locations in and around nuevo Mexico y Vancouver. They intend to check a directivo in the próximo several weeks.

Obviously, this movie never ever happened. Worse, hostilities were to recommence with ns Master taking a shot at andar Damme top top his TV serie Lawman. Request by uno fellow cop if los rumors were true that he (Seagal) had gained into uno fight with ir Damme, the emitir laughed; “Nooo. It would be favor me squashing an ant.”

Apparently debunking los rumor that he had actually ran away desde Van Damme in ~ Stallone’s house, Seagal revealed that it’s Van Damme that runs from him. When he sees me he runs“.

In one interview that exact same year with Hustler Magazine, Seagal angrily shat on van Damme’s height, and submitted that los man was ns fake martial artist.

“The guy is alguno taller 보다 her,” *Motions come 4’11 assembly girl*.  “He never ever did martial arts in his life. Discover his teacher for me. Whoever claims he’s trained is uno cocksucker and an asshole“.

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Lately. Ns feud shows up to have actually settled. Ir Damme would certainly deride Seagal’s weight, while fostering The Expendables II, while in dos mil quince when inquiry by an on line discussion organize about ir Damme’s fighting prowess, Seagal found los query therefore outrageous regarding be humorous; “Can i laugh in your face“?

But who knows, maybe the time will certainly come when they bury the hatchet and give us los ultimate manly martial arts movie.