Star Trek: Discovery Temporada 4

Spoilers! We cave deep into the Federation"s databanks come find el fin what"s in keep in star Trek: discovery season 4


Star Trek: discovery season cuatro is ~ above its method to supremo Plus –and it lastly has an official release date, therefore we recognize it"ll only be un matter of mainly until the crew of los USS exploration arrive back on the small screen. We"ve got los lowdown on los show"s recent trailer, as well as uno breakdown of which cast members room returning for season 4.

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Plus, we"ve pieced together all the info el fin there about los plot, consisting of some quotes desde Sonequa Martin-Green about her character nombre de niño Burnham (AKA the new captain), to give you the best opinión of what come expect desde the siguiente batch the episodes. This year"s estrella Trek trabaja also gave us part clues, including ns first look in ~ Burnham. Y that"s just the start of it, too, so keep analysis to find fuera everything we recognize so much about star Trek: exploration season 4.

Star Trek: discovery season cuatro release date

(Image credit: CBS/Netflix)

Star Trek: exploration season cuatro will be released on excelente Plus ~ above November 18, 2021.

The nuevo season was announced on October 16, 2020, just un day after season 3"s debut, y filming began ns few weeks afterwards November 2, 2020.In July 2021, Doug Jones, that plays Saru, shown to Collider the filming was around to involved an end.

The Toronto-based manufacturing was affected by Covid-19 restrictions. All of los cast had to quarantine for two weeks before cameras began rolling, y Jones admitted come TrekMovie the things room going uno little slower than usual.

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"Well, we"re plodding along," he said. "We"re getting things shot y it"s walking beautifully. It"s just going uno bit slower, due to the fact that of Covid protocols. There are uno few more hoops come jump with to obtain your día done. So with that slower pace, we"re still obtaining it done. And they are keeping us an extremely safe. It’s all worth that in ns end."

The star Trek: exploration season 4 wrapped in august 2021, as shown by showrunner Michelle heaven on Twitter.

Star Trek: exploration season 4 trailer

The first estrella Trek discovery season 4 trailer has arrived, and surprisingly early at that.

Featured as component of ns franchise"s first Contact day celebrations, ns teaser showcases what the crew (and the nuevo captain) are gaining up to this season. Their key concern shows up to be a "gravitational anomaly" that is threatening not only ns universe but additionally seems to have done some serious damage to Discovery"s bridge. Mirar the completamente trailer above for more.

Star Trek: exploration season cuatro plot

(Image credit: CBS/Netflix)

The latest wave of live-action Trek t.v. Shows repartir in season-long arcs. So, following ns trend set by that predecessors y Star Trek: Picard season 1, Discovery"s 3rd outing covering up most of its greatest plotlines by los time the end credits rolled.

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The main synopsis because that the next season reads: "Season 4 of estrella Trek: discovery finds Captain Burnham and the crew of ns U.S.S. Exploration facing ns threat unlike any kind of they"ve ever encountered. With Federation and non-Federation human beings alike feeling ns impact, they should confront los unknown and work with each other to ensure ns hopeful future for all." (H/T display screen Rant) the doesn"t reveal too much, but is a good opinión of where season cuatro is headed.

The plot will also undoubtedly explore much more than los crew comes to terms con their glowing new príncipe uniforms. In fact, now they"ve discovered uno convenient stash of formerly ubiquitous starship fuel dilithium –in galaxy-crippling quick supply after the notorious "Burn" – castle can obtain on con exploring the universe, and also taking the Federation"s article to los masses."I can’t really talk around season 4 specifically, but thematically season tres was all around connection and disconnection and finding ours way regreso to one another," return showrunner Michelle Paradise told TVLine. "And los "Burn" made that impossible in many cases, because civilization simply didn’t have the means to with one another. So that felt like an essential journey to comienzo at the fin of ours season: just how do we press forward in los process of reconnecting worlds con one another? that felt like the important an initial step. Now that castle have a cache that dilithium –and certainly they"ll have to be responsible to no repeat the mistakes of los past and just overuse the – the felt like los right ar to both end the season and tee up whatever is come come."

Going on the show"s past form, that future is likely to show off some familiar aliens. The series revels in that is callbacks come Treks previous – season 3 featured franchise stalwarts los Trill, los Vulcans, y the Andorian, not to cite iconic tiempo travel portal los Guardian the Forever – for this reason it would be ns huge surprise if that fan servicio didn’t continue into the star Trek: discovery season cuatro plot. Can we see returns for los Klingons, ns Cardassians (now revealed to be members of the Federation, as Inverse highlighted) or also – to whisper it – los Borg?

On tablero Discovery, Dr. Culber"s mission to give corporeal type to Gray (who currently only exists in Adira"s mind) is certain to be uno priority: "To be supervisor clear, we will pay that moment off in season 4," Paradise called Inverse. "Gray will certainly be seen. That promise will be paid off."

Now that Ensign Tilly"s obtained experience that command, it"ll be interesting to see if she"s hungry for more? will certainly she it is in vying come take los First Officer role permanently? and if so, will Starfleet lastly see to the right to give her ns promotion she deserves? She can"t continue to be an Ensign forever…

Speaking the promotions, antonio Rapp has seemingly revealed that his character will soon be advancing, speak at Outfest: "I have ns pleasure of play Lieutenant commander – y now command – sorry, is that ns spoiler? – pablo Stamets."

The actor also talked about Stamets forming uno family with Hugh, Gray, and Adira: "Parenting – they"re not niños but castle are young people – the pressures of exactly how to be obtainable to be un mentor or guide or parental in the face of task responsibilities y sort the crises, that"s an interesting sort that sub-thread through los season." He also indicated ns season will watch Paul y Hugh "continue come evolve in your relationship." (H/T Trek Movie)

Perhaps the biggest question, however, comes to how michael Burnham settles right into her new role together captain of the ship. In spite of a largo history the insubordination – y numerous job setbacks gastos generales the food of Discovery"s objectives – she"s repeatedly presented herself come be los most capable officer in Starfleet. Yet how will she handle ns big chair?

"We knew walking into ns season that was wherein we wanted to end," Paradise defined in an interview with Inverse. "It was around taking her as far desde that apuntar a as us could, so we could mirar her journey into los captain"s chair. We"ve watched her gastos generales the course of tres seasons, and this feeling like the right hora to carry out it. Y we"re excited to watch what she does next."

Sonequa Martin-Green speak to Gizmodo about the challenges facing Burnham in her nuevo role this season. "It"s going to be about finding fuera who me gustaría am together Captain, as miguel Burnham, because there"s constantly been this question of that am in this moment? who am i in this role? that am me gustaría at this time? how do identificación service this moment? exactly how do identificación service everyone about me? y now I"m walking to need to answer those questions for myself as Captain due to the fact that everything is various now," she said. "And we"ve got ns huge risk coming our way,which we witnessed in the trailer for season four. And so we"re walking to have to come together y fight for ns futurelike we typically do. However now act that as Captain is really different. So me gustaría love the because alguno stone is left unturned y I"ve claimed this before about the show, but no stone is left unturned in the journey come solidifying who identificación am exactly as Captain."

She additionally spoke to Collider around what it means to her for Burnham to come to be Captain: "It"s exciting as Captain now, that"s ns big repartir to me, and I think to everybody that watches y to los history of the franchise itself. Me gustaría think it"s ns really big trato to have a Black woman together Captain be cemented in that lineage. However it"s great, there"s un lot come come for season 4. Un lot is comes everybody"s way for season 4."