Robert Downey Jr Vingadores 4

Robert Downey Jr. Has actually shared ns behind ns scenes look at an Avengers: Endgame deleted scene to firmar the film"s second anniversary. The film was exit in the US ~ above April 26, 2019.

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The stole Man actor shared ns clip on Twitter, captioned: "Cannot think it’s been dos years because Endgame... #LoveYouAll3000"

Cannot believe it’s been two years because Endgame...#LoveYouAll3000 26, 2021

In ns film"s climactic battle, Iron man gets organize of all six Infinity Stones and snaps his fingers to erase huge bad Thanos and his army. In ns scene the didn"t do it to the finalmente cut (but is available to check out on Disney Plus), Tony distinct enters an additional reality and meets ns grown up variation of his daughter. Morgan Stark, right here played by Katherine Langford, reassures she dad the he"s made the right decision, y as the scene ends, Tony states "I love girlfriend 3000" in un touching call back to previously in the movie.

In ns clip shared by Downey Jr., we get uno behind the scenes glimpse in ~ Tony"s pilgrimage to the soul World – he snaps his fingers, looks around, then spots Morgan behind him.

Endgame became the highest grossing movie the all time soon delaware its release, but was freshly dethroned by jaime Cameron"s Avatar, which reclaimed los top spot thanks to ns re-release in China.

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While Endgame marks ns close of ns Infinity Saga, it certainly isn"t the fin of the MCU – Phase 4 is continuing full steam ahead, with WandaVision y The Falcon and the Winter Soldier streaming top top Disney add to now, y Loki on los way.

While friend wait for an ext Marvel, check fuera de our overview to city hall Marvel movie in order, and find ns best Disney plus prices and deals.


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