Rizador ghd curve® creative curl

Introducing ghd curve®, the nuevo range the tongs & wands from ghd. Special our tri-zone® tecnología for healthier-looking curls that continue to be locked-in every day y night. Every ghd curve® wand contains patented tri-zone® breakthrough ceramic tecnología that guarantees los right curling temperature the 185°C. This is maintained with six quick-thinking sensors in the tri-zone® barrel that ensures ns optimum temperature is delivered constantly y evenly every along the barrel of los wand; carrying lasting curls the are developed fast and stay locked-in, if respecting ns health of your hair. Los ghd curve® an innovative curl wand has a 28mm – 23mm tapered barrel that can create natural looking curls y deep waves, for ns beautiful beachy effect y glamorous, bouncy, big hair. Ns protective cool tip offers you with ns safe place to hold los hair in ar while friend curl, y the built-in la seguridad stand enables you to place the wand down securely during styling.

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Other handy attributes include un professional-length cord to enable for flexibilizó styling, automatic sleep setting after treinta minutes there is no use and universal voltage, so you can use your wand all over in the world. For this reason if you space looking to produce fancy, flirty, festival curls merely discover the ghd curve® an imaginative curl wand. Los product packaging might differ from the featured images.INCLUDES:GHD curve® an innovative curl wand.

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FEATURES:Revolutionary tapered barrel representar round 28mm come oval 23mm tip, designed come create ns wide range of glamorous curls and waves.Cool tip designed for much more comfortable curling.Safety was standing for securing ns wand on ns hard surface ar while not in .Patented tri-zone® technology locks in her curls with los right, even heat.Advanced ceramic coating specially designed for smoother curling.On-off switch y indicator press y hold design avoids casualmente use during styling. Iluminar & sound suggest on-off and ready to use.Sleep mode.Automatically turns off if left unattended for treinta minutes.Universal voltage y professional length.Swivel cable 185º temperature because that optimum styling. UK tres pin plug.

A te on from revolutionising hairstyling with the launch the its very first styler, ghd stays true come its starting ethos: los spirit of transformation. In enhancement to its iconic stylers, which continue to be un cult must-have for women searching for beautiful hair, new product hilera ghd Style and a collection of professional brushes complete the ghd range.