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Pulpo a la Gallega is served in olive oil with salt and paprika

I never really evaluate octopus before identificación spent hora in Spain y learned just how octopus need to be served. As well often, octopus has ns rubbery texture desde improper cooking technique, i m sorry is a far cry desde the soft, buttery pulpo we ate in Spain.

You may be thinking there’s alguno way girlfriend can chef it perfect at home, but that’s no true. If friend follow uno few basic steps, you have the right to make delicious, melt-in-your-mouth octopus in ~ home.

And if you’re prefer me, the desafío is sufficient to gain you to shot it. So here’s my challenge to you. Offer it in ~ try. You might just be able to bring ns small part of Galicia come your very own home.

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How to make Pulpo at Home

As identificación mentioned before, ns most important coeficiente of great octopus is its texture as soon as cooked. That is what makes it a difficult thing to do at home. If you chef it wrong, it’ll come fuera de rubbery and tough.

A faster way tocooking octopus at casa is come buy frozen octopus, i beg your pardon eliminates ns need for tedious cleaning y tenderizing. Frozen octopus come cleaned y ready come use. All that is required is to defrost and cook.

If you can only acquire fresh octopus, you deserve to freeze it yourself for un few days ahead of time.

Freezing octopus helps tenderize it. As soon as it’s fully defrosted, you can tenderize it some an ext by lightly pounding it with a meat mallet. This action is not required, however it can lead to a softer texture.


Start by Shocking the Octopus

The an initial thing you should do is shock the octopus meat by dipping it rapidly right into boiling water numero 3 times. This help keep los skin on ns octopus. It will peel off throughout boiling if you skip this step.

To perform this, fill ns large cuota pot halfway with water y let it boil. Me gustaría also salt the water con about a tablespoon the salt.

Once boiling, grab los octopus with tongs y dip that into ns water rapidly tres times. You deserve to then leave it in ns water y start los cooking time.

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Timing is Everything

Overcooking it will make it tough, alguno matter what rather you execute to it. Cooking tiempo is 12 minutes per uno kg the octopus. Because each one weighs differently, be sure to calculate her cook hora by weighing your octopus before you chef it.

The octopus identificación cooked to be 1.5 kg, so identificación boiled it for about 18-20 minutes. Revolve off los heat on los stove y let the octopus remainder in los water because that another veinte minutes. This enables it to chef through, there is no overcooking it. You’ll know the octopus is done once you can conveniently pierce los skin with uno knife or fork.

If you’re unsure, reduced off a small piece y try that to watch if it’s reached your wanted tenderness.

Rest los octopus delaware cooking

Pulpo a la Gallega is typically served reduced into tiny pieces and dressed really simply with high-quality olive oil, salt y Spanish paprika.

You have the right to serve it over boiled sliced infant potatoes. Doing this will add some extra substance to ns dish, if you’re serving it as un meal. Los potatoes and pulpo go really well together.


What Wine to Pair con Pulpo ns la Gallega

A many of different wines have the right to be paired with octopus, but me gustaría think ns best pairing is a bright, zesty and crispAlbariñofrom Rías Baixas in Galicia, Spain. Ns varietalthrives in los drizzly corner of northwestern Spain.

There is uno minerality toAlbariño that pairs perfectly con seafood. It’s crisp and refreshing, y it has ns grapefruit acidity that pairs unique with los olive oil-poached octopus.

Albarino is un perfect pairing con seafood favor octopus, as well as olives y tomatoes.

The bestAlbariños come desde the Rias Baixas region, so start there when searching for wine at your localidades retailer. Dos that i really favor are martin Codax Albarino and Licia Albarino do Rias Baixas.

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Of course, if you have a local wine professional that girlfriend trust, it’s constantly best to ask their opinion, because they room very familia with their offerings.