Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

When it comes to inexpensive job PCs, ns Raspberry Pi tres Model B+ is cheap, capable and better than ever.

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ByBrian Westover04 December 2018

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When it comes to inexpensive job PCs, los Raspberry Pi tres Model B+ is cheap, capable and better than ever.

ForExpanded processing power y connectivityFlexible style is an excellent for projectsFree softwareGreat because that makers y students

If you want to learn around computers, dip your toes into simple programming or simply want to add some smarts to a casa gadget, there"s nothing fuera de there that rather matches los Raspberry Pi. Los compact $35 computer has been ns big fight in classrooms, makerspaces y home workshops due to the fact that it very first came fuera in 2012, and the latest version, los Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, offers an ext power y capability than previous models for the same pequeño price. It"s easily the best mini computador personal available because that tinkering y education.

We got our evaluation unit as component of a starter kit, los ABOX Raspberry Pi 3 B+ complete Starter Kit ($69.99 together reviewed), which likewise includes uno preloaded microSD card, power cable, case and more. Gaining it in uno kit saved us uno lot of time y hassle, letting us obtain started with the RasPi right fuera of los box, without having to buy crucial accessories independently or download our own OS image. A kit isn"t ns only means to gain started with the Pi tres B+, yet it"s definitely recommended for first timers.


If you"ve never seen a Raspberry Pi, you"ll it is in surprised at exactly how tiny that is. The entire single-board computadora measures simply 3.35 x 2.2 x 0.67 riñón on its very own – about los size of ns deck the cards – y fits into ns variety that cases y housings. The tablón weighs 1.8 ounces.

On the tablón is every little thing you need to either use ns Pi as un little desktop computer or construct it into your próximo project. Los standard ports are all there, con four full-size USB 2.0 ports, un Gigabit Ethernet jacobo (max speed trescientos Mbps), a soltero HDMI output y a 3.5-millimeter, four-pole jacobo that doubles as ns stereo audio and composite videolapes port. Ns microSD map slot is provided for installation storage, definition you can add as small or as lot storage an are as girlfriend can obtain on ns microSD card.

It"s acquired wireless connectivity constructed in, too, with 802.11ac Wi-Fi y Bluetooth 4.1. Ns whole point powers off ns micro USB connection that uses just cinco volts that power, y it can correr off ns USB adapter. If all you desire is a simple box for checking email or searching online, it"s acquired all ns basics girlfriend need.

But it"s the nonstandard stuff that makes the Pi for this reason exciting. Un 40-pin GPIO header offers you relationships for attaching all sorts that sensors y add-on modules. In addition, un CSI camera interface allows you attach ns Raspberry Pi camera module, y a DSI screen port allows you affix to uno touch-screen display. With the use of un small add-on, it"s also compatible with power over ethernet (PoE), an interpretation that you deserve to incorporate it right into projects and locations where un wall outlet might not it is in convenient.

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Finally, let"s talk hardware. Los Pi 3 B+ has uno quad-core Broadcom BCM2837B0 y a Cortex-A53 processor clocked at 1.4 GHz. It provides you completamente 64-bit support and offers an ext power 보다 previous iterations of los Pi, including the immediate predecessor, the Pi 3. There"s 1GB the LPDDR2 SDRAM for memory y a microSD card slot the you"ll use for storage and loading, for whichever operating mechanism you desire to put on it.

Standalone or Kit

If to buy directly from one that Raspberry Pi Foundation"s authorized sellers, you"ll get los little motherboard top top its own. You"ll should supply your own 5V/2.5 ns DC power cable and a microSD card loaded with ns necessary software simply to strength it up y get it running. Additionally, because that desktop-style use, you"ll additionally need an HDMI-connected monitor and USB-connected keyboard y mouse.

Though our evaluation is concentrated on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, us received ns Pi as part of un kit from ABOX. Available with either uno 16GB or 32GB microSD map – offering for $69.99 or $79.99, dong – ns kit has everything you require to gain started.

The kit we got includes ns Raspberry Pi itself, uno plastic enclosure, un preloaded microSD card y USB card reader, cables because that connecting power (complete with uno built-in on/off switch) and a exhibe (via HDMI), and a pair the copper warm sinks. Uno small rapid guide go you through startup y OS installation.

It"s not los only kit available, either. There room plenty of simple kits favor this one the offer simple equipment and a sencillo case, or there are project-specific variations. You can gain kits for gaming the include juego controllers y gaming-themed cases, kits for building robots, add-ons for sensors and mechanical modules, and education-focused kits that come con extensive tutorials and project guides. You can even get diy laptop kits that use ns Raspberry Pi as los motherboard.

Given that some of ns things you need to acquire started with the RasPi encompass such items as los power adapter and microSD card (neither that which come with los bare-bones Pi 3 B+), we strongly recommend the beginners get uno kit.

Setting Up her Pi

Setting increase our Raspberry Pi 3 B+ was really straightforward, many thanks to ns kit our unit came in. The included Pi computer, warmth sinks, case y preloaded microSD card make it as sencillo as assembling ns few parts y connecting a monitor, keyboard y mouse, i m sorry you"ll require to carry out yourself.

Included in the kit is un 16GB microSD card preloaded with NOOBS (New fuera Of crate Software), i beg your pardon is a basic installer that consists of both Raspbian y LibreELEC operation systems, as well as links to download and install other OS options. There space plenty that alternatives, prefer Ubuntu mate, Snappy Ubuntu Core, Windows 10 IoT Core, Weather station, OSMC, RISC OS or PiNet, but los Raspian OS must be sufficient to get you set up the first time.

The initial setup of her Pi is as simple as plugging in her keyboard, mouse and monitor y inserting the microSD card. Plugging in ns Pi"s strength supply fires it up, y you"re off and running.

The NOOBS interface is low-res, but easy come navigate, and it will let you one of two people install ns OS offline, or affix to Wi-Fi to open up other options. If girlfriend want un desktop-like experience, you"ll certainly want to use ns Raspbian OS, but if you"re wanting come use ns Pi together a mitad streamer, use ns other option, LibreELEC, i m sorry is los Pi version of Kodi, un media-focused OS that lets you manage files y streaming.

While friend don"t need to have this preloaded map to get started with a RasPi – you deserve to supply your own card and download ns NOOBS package yourself desde RaspberryPi.org – you will require a casta microSD map to serve as storage for los little PC, y having los preloaded card conserves you un couple the steps.

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Once Raspbian has been loaded y installed, you"ll it is in walked through basic setup, con steps favor choosing un language and time zone, setting uno user password, picking your Wi-Fi network and checking on-line for updates. Delaware a reiniciar to finish ns initial update, you"ll have a functioning desktop computer PC, finish with a web browser, file-management tools, PDF reader and the LibreOffice suite.


Raspbian is designed come be ns lightweight desktop operating device for ns Pi, y as such, that comes with some of the basic software you"d expect on un desktop. LibreOffice is a lleno office suite that includes ns word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software, as well as apps for drawing, database management y more complicated math.

It likewise includes Chromium, los open-source variation of Google"s google chrome web browser. In addition to surfing the web and streaming media through YouTube, it likewise supports Google apps like Docs, Sheets and Slides, giving you an additional option for office productivity.

Other aplicaciones offer all ns basic features of a desktop, favor a archivo manager, image viewer, videolapes player, PDF reader, calculator, simple text editor and task manager. And, due to the fact that Raspbian is a Linux variant, it comes with ns terminal for accessing the command line.

There are additionally several educational devices for learning about programming. These include Geany, a lightweight programming editor similar to Notepad++ for usar with C, Java, PHP, HTML, Python, Perl, Pascal y other programming languages; devices for learning Python, like uno dedicated Python 3 integrated development y learning atmosphere (IDLE); Thonny, ns simplified breakthrough environment for Python beginners; y the MIT-developed Scratch and Scratch 2, a gamified programming language aimed in ~ kids.

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For much more functional project-focused uses, it also includes feeling Hat Emulator, which allows you examen programs for the Pi"s multi-purpose add-on boards; and Sonic Pi, ns tool because that programming-based music creation.

A grasp of Python-based games are included – courtesy the Al Sweigart at inventwithpython.com – with generic versions of Reversi, Tetris, Snake and several other simple games that offer as both funny distractions and interactive instances of code in action.

And for an ext traditional gaming, albeit con plenty of code-learning opportunities, there"s minicraft Pi. Despite the low-powered specs of ns Raspberry Pi, Minecraft operation smoothly y stutter-free (but not at saturado screen), letting girlfriend explore y build just and also you deserve to on any pc that"s an ext powerful.


The Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is outfitted with a 1.4-GHz ARMv8 CPU, i m sorry combines four processing cores along with integrated VideoCore IV graphics y a multimedia GPU. Granted, these space processors ~ above par con older smartphones, however it"s a major action up from the 900-MHz ARMv7 uncovered in ns Raspberry Pi dos Model B, and even an incremental improvement gastos generales the 1.2-GHz ARMv8 chip provided on los Raspberry Pi 3. Add on los heat sinks provided in our kit from ABOX, y the performance gets goosed a bit higher.

But even before we started formal testing, i could tell dos things. First, trying to use ns RasPi as a desktop, for jobs like web browsing y office productivity, is walk to be slow. Browsing with multiple tabs open – just numero 3 – causes sobre todo lag. Trying to run LibreOffice in one window and a YouTube videolapes in ns other was also slower.

But the second believed was that identificación was doing all of this on ns $35machine. That this level of capability can be had actually for roughly los price of a pair of Levis is merely astonishing. Include to that ns form coeficiente that allows you build y create all sorts of tech on your own, and comparisons to standard mini computers don"t make a huge amount of sense.

To test normal performance, we provided JetStream 1.1, an online performance test desde BrowserBench.org. Once tested without the accessory heat sinks, the Pi 3 B+ score 16.7 points. Adding ns heat sink produced uno measurable innovation in performance, enabling ns Pi 3 B+ to score 17.1 points in los same test. However, ns overall capacity of ns Pi is quiet paltry contrasted to most mini pcs we"ve reviewed. Los Azulle accessibility Plus (45.8) and Acer Chromebox CXI3 (168.2) both created significantly far better scores, regardless of being lower-performance systems.

A an ext robust mini pc will put up substantially much better numbers; the 2018 Apple vena mini, for example, score 281.8 points, ns 16-fold rise in performance. However, it should be detailed that los price difference in between the vena mini and the Pi 3 B+ is same enormous; ns former sells because that $799, compared to the Raspberry Pi"s $35.

For graphic capabilities on non-Windows machines, we usar WebGL Aquarium, uno simulation the renders hundreds of fish floating on-screen. Or at least it normally does. Ns Raspberry Pi 3 B+ struggled to produce one fish, and did so with single-digit cuadro rates. Through comparison, the Acer Chromebox CXI3 – itself ns relatively low-powered system – rendered 1,000 fish at a hora while maintaining 60 frames período second.

While we"re límite in regards to what benchmark tests we can usar to compare the RasPi to other mini PCs, we have the right to compare the new Pi 3 B+ to los Raspberry Pi 2 Model B we reviewed regreso in 2016. The new model does just about everything faster.

Boot veces are faster, with the Pi 3 B+ going representar a cold empezar to ns usable desktop computer in 36 seconds. That’s substantially faster than the older model, which took cuarenta y cinco seconds to boot. We additionally saw this time improve once warmth sinks were installed, shortening ns boot time to treinta y cuatro seconds.

Loading up websites in los included Chromium internet browser was likewise quicker. Loading up los Tom"s guide homepage took 11 seconds (shortened to 9 seconds con heat sinks), both of i beg your pardon are quicker than ns older Pi dos B (27 seconds).

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YouTube loaded up in diez seconds (8 seconds con heat sinks), which isn"t a major change desde the older modelo (10 seconds). We did, however, see improvements when opened up ridge Exchange. The new Pi tres B+ opened los page in 4 seconds (3 seconds with heat sinks), i beg your pardon is simply ahead of los older model"s 5-second load time. For ns lightweight site that"s nearly exclusively text-based, any development is significant.


If you haven"t already started thinking around it, ns biggest draw of ns Raspberry Pi is its sheer flexibility, which girlfriend get from having such un small, affordable computer with obtainable connectors because that sensors and other components. While friend can usar it as uno teeny tiny mini computador personal (we don"t yes, really recommend that), it"s made an ext for building y experimentation, and there are dozens of examples fuera there the unique y intriguing projects that you might use ns Pi for.

People have used ns Raspberry Pi to do media-streaming boxes, retro game consoles and arcade cabinets, clever mirrors, robots, home-brewed Alexa speakers, musical instruments and even hazlo tu mismo smartphones. Y these are simply some of los possibilities. Various other tinkerers have actually used los Raspberry Pi to do automated watering solution for their gardens. One chico built himself a bike computer, complete con GPS navigation.

One the the de verdad benefits that using the Raspberry Pi as ns basis for your projects is the there"s uno huge on-line community, offering handy products, step-by-step instructions, coding help y more. Ns possibilities space endless, y the Raspberry Pi renders them every affordably achievable.


While we"ve typically referred to it as just "the Raspberry Pi," our review focused specifically on los Raspberry Pi 3 B+, ns latest variation of ns Pi as of this writing. Vault versions of los Pi are likewise available, starting with the first model Raspberry Pi in 2012 and the Pi dos in 2015. These can still be purchased, but los most to update Pi computer systems are ns ones currently available in los Raspberry Pi 3 line.

Now"s a good hora to note that los naming conventions on these things have the right to be uno bit confusing. Ns number denotes which generation the Pi that is, significant by enhancements to both ns hardware supplied on the Pi y the regalo layout of ns board. The model designation (A, B, B+) references either the standard model (the modelo B), un smaller, cut-down design (the model A or A+) or improved capabilities (the modelo B+).

The Pi tres Model B was presented in 2016 and offers ns 64-bit quad-core, 1.2-GHz Broadcom BCM2837 processor, 100 Base Ethernet, built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi y Bluetooth LE, and sells because that $35.

The Pi tres Model B+, i m sorry we"ve reviewed here, features un faster 1.4-GHz quad-core processor, quicker 802.11ac Wi-Fi and gets un Gigabit Ethernet connection with power over Ethernet (PoE) capability. It likewise sells for $35 top top its own yet is easily uncovered as part of kits that incorporate power cables, cases and other add-ons.

There"s also a smaller Pi tres Model A+, which has a more compact, square shape that steps 2.6 x 2.2 x 0.35 inches. The has ns same processor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hardware discovered on the Pi tres B+ however removes ns Ethernet y three of los USB ports come bring debajo the overall size of los circuit board. The sells for $25 through retailers prefer Micro Center and CanaKit.

If you require something even smaller, there"s also the Pi Zero y the Pi Zero W, which market some (but no all) of los same ability in half los size. Ns Pi Zero has alguno built-in Wi-Fi capability, while the Pi Zero W to add 802.11n Wi-Fi y Bluetooth. The Pi Zero y Pi Zero W offer for $5 and $10 (currently cheaper, thanks to vacaciones discounts), respectively.

Bottom Line

The Raspberry Pi tres Model B+ takes los immensely ancha Raspberry Pi platform y adds uno lot that capability, all for the same affordable $35 price. Contrasted to past versions of los Pi, ns Pi tres Model B+ has much more powerful processing, quicker Wi-Fi y more functional alternatives for including components and capabilities. It"s un superaffordable alternative for anyone who desires to experiment with computers or coding and offers un wealth of opportunity to makers y tinkerers.

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And, while the Raspberry Pi tres B+ is excellent on that is own, us recommend buying that as part of a kit. Ns ABOX Raspberry Pi tres B+ complete Starter Kit that we used comes con everything you need to gain started, along con performance-enhancing warmth sinks y a sencillo case. It"s a little an ext expensive than buying los Pi alone, yet it saves you ns added shopping trips for power cables y memory cards, y gets you up y running faster. It"s terrific option, especially for beginners.