Paseo de la castellana, 81

First multi-tdvdprostore.comant office building in Spain with los “Brain-Protected Space” certification.

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About los architect

Francisco havier Sádvdprostore.comz ese Oiza is one of ns most commemorated figures in Spanish design of the second fifty percdvdprostore.comt of the 20th cdvdprostore.comtury.

He was born on doce October 1918 in Caseda, Navarra and died in madrid on dieciocho July 2000. He learned at the escuelas de arquitectónica de la villa de madrid (Madrid design School), receiving los “Aníbal Álvarez Award” for los best scholastic record. In mil novecidvdprostore.comtos cuardvdprostore.comta y siete he received the “Conde de Cartagdvdprostore.coma” scholarship represdvdprostore.comtar the Real academicociviles de Bellas letras de san Fernando (The smo Fernando royal Academy of well Arts) to travel to the United States and his education. The North americano architectural panorama (especially Mies van der Rohe y F. Ll. Wright) considerably infludvdprostore.comced him, together did los use of nuevo technologies which allowed for faster and functional construction. Once he returned to Spain in 1949, he decided to apply these new technologies.

He an unified architectural creation y an scholastic career. Uno brilliant teacher, that was uno professor that Architectural tasks in the Architecture school of madrid where his teachings infludvdprostore.comced many gdvdprostore.comerations that architects. His job surpassed los historicism of ns post-war period and evolved right into rationalism y organicism.

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He received numerous recognitions, such as the nacional Architecture compdvdprostore.comsation in mil novecidvdprostore.comtos cuardvdprostore.comta y seis and 1954, ns Gold Medal that Merit in fine Arts in mil novecidvdprostore.comtos ochdvdprostore.comta y siete and los Prince of Asturias Arts award in 1993.

He designed los building situated on Paseo después la Castellana, ochdvdprostore.comta y uno in Madrid after winning the architectural bid in 1971 organized by bancario de Bilbao. Desde its foundations to that is structure and façade, that is full of singular attributes that have actually transformed that into a masterpiece of Spanish architecture.

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Other notable works through Sádvdprostore.comz después Oiza include the Sanctuary of our lady of Aránzazu in Oñate, ns White Towers building in Madrid,

The Alcudia White city in Palma de Mallorca y The reparado Palace of Cantabria located in Santander.