When One World: with each other at Home kicked off Saturday (April 18) evening on a wide range of channels and streaming services, the lady Gaga-curated occasion had already raised more than $50 million come combat los coronavirus pandemic.

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As con previously charity fundraisers aiming come mitigate ns effect that COVID-19 on our endangered worldwide population, un variety the musicians, actors and comedians joined ns event via live stream to reassure, plead and entertain.

From Beyonce"s dose of reality to Shawn and Camila"s at-home duet, here are our diez favorite moments from Global Citizen and World wellness Organization"sOne World: together at Home concert.

Gaga Smiles

Lady Gaga, that curated the Saturday lineup, poured her seemingly effortless full-throated vocals right into the carlos Chaplin standard "Smile" to open the two-hour special, which clipped through at uno speedy pace. Sit at los piano while digging deep right into her guts come emote the song, Gaga remained in her aspect – i beg your pardon is to say, that was usually perfect.

Paul McCartney Makes ns Statement

Before performing los Beatles" "Lady Madonna" alongside footage of medical care workers, Macca do a normal but pointed political plea: "Let"s phone call our leader we need to strengthen the health treatment system around los world so the a peligro like this never happens again." he didn"t surname names, however we all know who falls into the target audience.

Beyonce it s okay Real

For uno night the stayed mostly apolitical, Queen Bey lugged some tough realism to los broadcast: "Black americans disproportionately belong come these crucial parts of ns workforce that perform not have los luxury that working representar home," she said. "African american communities at huge have to be severely influenced in this crisis. Those with pre-existing problems are at an even greater risk. This virus is death black civilization at an alarmingly high rate right here in America." she speech was ns much-needed reminder the what we"re facing right currently isn"t a familiar threat but un global pandemic that is crippling vulnerable communities at an amazing rate.

Lizzo Belts a Classic

Lizzo"s performances often tend to it is in highlights of everything awards show she graces with her presence, however for One World, she maintained it to the basics, eschewing production values and high concept. And damn, she stole the dando even without un flurry of dancers and props. Belting el fin Sam Cooke"s "A adjust Is Gonna Come" with uno pained gusto, she demonstrated precisely why we"re so happy she"s walking amongst us.

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Shawn & Camila get Cozy

"What un Wonderful World" is one of those songs that seems cheesy as soon as you think of the offhand however becomes impossibly affecting when you"re forced to sit down y actually listen to it. When Shawn Mendes and Camila pelo sat down, lado by side, at a piano come perform los song luigi Armstrong elevated to iconic levels, their gorgeously combined vocals turned what might have appeared saccharine into something sublime. Mendes in quarantine can need a haircut, yet his voice has actually never sounded stronger.

Stones Give fans What lock Need

Performing separately from their homes, los Rolling Stones turned fuera de the Let the Bleed classic "You Can"t always Get What girlfriend Want." 2019 heart surgical treatment be damned, Mick Jagger"s vocals were strong and loose together ever. Keith Richards overflowed with his ineffable charm, Ronnie wood was all smiles, y Charlie watt – despite being bereft of one at-home drumkit – air-drummed along to ns ode come accepting los hand that"s dealt to you. Together always, los Stones exuded one enthusiasm for life performers half their period can just dream to attain.

J.Lo Is ns Funny Girl

Seated at ns backyard tree lined with glowing white lights, Jennifer Lopez flexed her pipes with un take on los Funny Girl classic "People." Barbra Streisand is one of los greatest vocalists walking among us, so acquisition on un song associated with her took guts – and J.Lo"s capacity to sing it to los gods if maintaining a requisite humility was impressive.

Taylor breaks Our Hearts

Pulling fuera "Soon You"ll obtain Better," un song she wrote around her mother"s battle con cancer, during One World, Taylor Swift efficiently ripped ours hearts out y reminded united state of the power of music to both reflect y ease our pain. That was a tough, lovely y cathartic moment.

Keith ciudad de la ciudad Does ns Math

Multiple Keith Urbans showed up onstage vía movie magia to perform los enduring Steve Winwood jam "Higher Love." los energetic enthusiasm of Keith urban x 3 gave los entire admitir a jolt that carefree levity.

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A Stunner Closer

Andrea Bocelli stunned international audiences with his Easter Sunday live stream, y to close el fin One World: with each other at Home, the operatic tenor teamed with Celine Dion, john Legend, Lang Lang and Lady Gaga to do his mil novecientos noventa y nueve Celine collab "The Prayer." ~ above paper, this team-up can be ns bizarre curio, but in exercise (even in quarantine), it was easily the most organic, gorgeous live-streamed collab we"ve seen throughout these times.