Roberto Simón Crespi; méxico 68: juventud y revolución. Hispanic americano Historical Review uno February 1980; sesenta (1): 173–174. Doi: https://doi.org/10.1215/00182168-60.1.173

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A militant and maverick of Mexico’s left since ns 1930s, novelist joe Revueltas was likewise an energetic participant in the 1968 Mexican college student movement, for which he was arrested. He to be released under Echeverria’s amnesty in 1971 and died in mil novecientos setenta y seis in Mexico ciudad at ns age of 62. Edición Era of Mexico ciudad has to be publishing his finish works, including plenty of previously unpublished essays, compiled y annotated through Andrea Revueltas (José’s daughter) and Philippe Cheron. Mexico 68: jóvenes y revolución, the fifteenth volume, is un collection of essays, letters, y diary entries, divided into three sections: an analysis of los student activity (writings before his arrest top top November 16, 1968); ns lengthy conversation of the theory and practice that “autogestión” (self-learning) and how it to be reflected during ns student movement; and writings from Lecumberri prison (1968-1971).

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The thrust of ns pre-arrest material is that the student activity takes up los banner of ns Mexican proletariat which had been smashed dining the mil novecientos cincuenta y nueve railroad strike.

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Ns la Cohn-Bendit, Revueltas legitimizes ns petty-bourgeois student movement, which had actually bypassed los traditional, administrative Stalinist next (PCM and PPS) y smaller dogmatic sects the Mexico y which had taken increase the ataque against PRI hegemony delaware a te of serious repression. Revueltas’ thesis is that, in an environment of such repression, y given ns defeated working course which had lost that is independence and was without ns revolutionary leadership, the university, taking advantage of that autonomy, became los center, focus and even refuge for an important resistance. This an essential resistance is questioned in ns most occurred section that this collection: Autogestión. Because that Revueltas, autogestión transforms academy of higher education into self-critical parts of society y broadens los social base of protest.

The severe repression unleashed by ns Mexican estado against ns movement in the último months of 1968 forced thousands, consisting of Revueltas, into underground activities.

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Revueltas to be arrested on November 16, 1968, and imprisoned there is no trial or sentencing. Los writings representar prison (1968-1971) stress the resolve of the political detainees to continue their struggle, Revueltas’ evaluation of los post-Tlatelolco massacre, his speech during his mock psychological (two years after his arrest), letters protesting assaults on political prisoners to the internacional community, and careful, also masterful, polemics against the government’s case that “in Mexico, there are alguna political prisoners.”