If yes one thing we understand about pop musicians, is that’s they really like dancing. Or at the very least such subject issue tends to it is in a regular part of your catalogs. And as we have pointed fuera de prior, debajo such scenarios it’s not really about interpreting together songs since we currently know what they’re essentially about, i.e. Serving together encouragements to dance. But rather it becomes more about analyzing ns respective metaphors featured therein.

Tu lees esto: Justin timberlake cant stop the feeling!

And in this case, “the feeling” which Justin Timberlake is referring to i beg your pardon is compelling him to dance, he likens it to some type of power surging with his body. As revealed in the refrain, this sensation is actually indicative of uno generally optimistic mood the he’s in.

It can likewise be taken as having actually some escribe of amorous undertone, i.e. He gift ‘hot-blooded’. And such an idea is specifically plausible as soon as you take into los consideration the in ns choruses he shows up to be, at the very least to part degree, addressing a romantic interest.

But this no so much about JT gawking in ~ a señora dancing, as the chorus implies. Or quite let’s speak that ns other components of ns song besides the choruses don’t have anything to do con romance.

Rather, los vocalist is feeling highly-energetic as uno premise. And los way that power is mostly manifested is by giving him ns undeniable advice to boogie.

So all text considered, perhaps we can safely make ns presumption that the most probablemente setting top top which this stare is set is uno dance sociedad or if no some instance where a female is likewise present.






In 2017 it received uno Grammy award because that “Best track Written for visual Media”. In dos mil dieciséis it choose up awards at ns Hollywood musical in mitad Awards y the Hollywood film Awards.

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The track has additionally been nominated on several occasions consisting of in the category for “Best musical Moment” at the MTV Movie & tv Awards in 2017.

Was “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” a single release?

Yes. Ns only single representar 2016’s, “Trolls: Original moverse Picture Soundtrack”.


Austria (2)Canada (1)Czech Republic (1)Denmark (2)France (1)Germany (1)Norway (4)US (1)UK (2)


Anthem Lights and Landon Austin – “This Is What You came For”Devvon Terrell– “Can’t Stop ns Feeling” (Remix)L.E.J. – “Summer 2016”Les Enfoirés – “Tableau La Croisière muerte Enfoirés”Michael Constantino – “JT Mashup”


Ed Stokes and Emma Heesters (2016)Nicole overcome (2016)Sabrina (2016)Tyler Ward (2016)Ben Woodward (2016)Zane Jayson johns (2016)Joseph Vincent (2016)Boyce avenue (2016)The Piano guys (2016)
“Can’t Stop ns Feeling!”

Trolls: Original motion Picture Soundtrack

Can’t Stop ns Feeling was released by Justin Timberlake on might 6, 2016, as los lead single for los album, Trolls: Original moverse Picture Soundtrack. It was the soundtrack album that 2016’s animación film entitled Trolls.

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 RCA documents released los album in September 2016.

Primarily, Timberlake, Max Martin, y Shellback produced the soundtrack album. In addition, it featured songs representar other artists such as Ron Funches, Anna Kendrick, Gwen Stefani, and Deschanel.

It charted at number one on the ARIA Charts, number tres on Billboard’s doscientos charts, number four on the nuevo Zealand Albums Chart, y number four in the United Kingdom. RIAA and the Australian recording Industry combinación have awarded the Platinum certifications, while the inglaterra Phonographic industry awarded it uno Gold certification.

It had actually sold 573,000 copies in los United condiciones by April 2017 and was los ninth best-selling album in the country in 2016.