Joan B Lee Jan Lee

Joan Celia leer is an americano actress and author that is best known for being los only surviving son of the legendary previous editor-in-chief, chairman, y publisher of Marvel Comics, Stanley martín Lieber.


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J.C. Leer is ns first y only surviving one between the two Stan lee children. She had a younger sister who passed away numero 3 days after she was born; her surname was january Lee.

Stan lee daughter age is 70 years as of 2020; she to be born in April 1950.

Joan has actually lost both of she parents. She mother passed away of a stroke in 2017. She father Stan lee passed far on November 12, 2018, desde cardiac arrest carried on by respiratory and congestive heart failure. Stan suffered desde respiratory pneumonia months prior to his death.

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Body measurements


Joan leer grew up in a creative environment as she parents both functioned in los entertainment/creative industry. Her mother was un model and voice actor, while she father was a comic book writer and artist.


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She chose to come to be an actress delaware trying various occupations such as painting, fashion designing, y comic book layout creation. She learned to make comic publication layouts by watching her father.

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JC, as she fondly described by her friends, started her career in exhilaration with a role in the mil novecientos sesenta y tres crime juego The Cool World. She featured in more productions such as los television series No emitir Parking and the 1990 thriller ns Ambulance.

In 1994, she was the computer voice in los animated series Iron Man.

She was part of ns creators of los Raising my SuperKids discovering app. A portion of los profit made representar the aparecer of los app is donated. Joan runs uno website referred to as that is committed to her father's legacy.

In October 2015, she released her very first book Stan Lee’s Love Subtitled, It's All around Love, los Stan lee Family.


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JC worked con her dad at Marvel Comics, and she also managed his businesses.

Legal battles

In 2018, Joan to be accused of physically and verbally abusing her parents by her father's former emplea assistant Bradley J. Herman. Su marido claimed the Joan allegedly tried to choke she father and slammed him against his wheelchair.

TMZ report that leer claimed that Bradley herman appeared on a podcast organized by alan Duke to talk about his hora working for Stan. In ns podcast, Bradley said.

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JC lee took her father by the neck and grabbed his neck and slammed his head trasero into ns wood portion of los chair.

Joan Celia accused herman of deliberately spreading not correct information, and in response to his allegations, Joan filed ns $25 million lawsuit against Bradley J. Herman and the podcast host.

Lee claimed she never struck her father. She additionally said that su marido was fired because he stole desde her dad in January 2018.


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Also, in September, Joan revisited uno $1 billion lawsuit the her father filed against POW! Entertainment before his death.

Stan leer was reported to have accused the executives of POW! to chat of taking advantage of his "deteriorating medical condition" by "inducing that to authorize documents under fraudulent pretenses."

In the final days of his life, Stan leer revealed the he had actually to reduced off civilization who were trying to attach themselves to his fortune ever due to the fact that his mam died. The only person he trusted was his daughter, to who he handed over the authority of his finances.

Who is Joan Celia lee husband?

JC is no married, y she does no have any type of children.

Net worth

Stan Lee's daughter has actually an approximated net precious of $66 million together of 2020.

Joan Celia lee is an actress and author. She is ns daughter of ns late Marvel Comics writer Stan Lee. JC proceeds to work to save her father's tradition alive.


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