Jean-Claude Van Damme Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris was by FAR the better fighter in his prime, but he was middleweight if Jean-Claude to be light-heavyweight therefore if they actually fought chuck Norris would probably shed due to the severe dimension disadvantage.

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Chuck would kill him.

Chuck Norris had an exceptional karate tournament career from 1964 until his retirement in 1974. His tournament document is estimated to it is in 183-10-2, though opinions often vary top top this to ns significant degree. He winner at least 30 tournaments.

In addition, Norris was ns former World experto Middleweight Karate Champion, un belt that he hosted for 6 years. Along los way, he beat karate greats like todos Steen, josé Lewis, Arnold Urquidez, and Louis Delgado.

Jean Claude:

In 1976 at los age the sixteen, Jean-Claude started his Martial Arts fight career. Over the next 6-years, he completed in both full-contact and semi-contact matches.

He debuted under his birth surname of Jean Claude ir Varenberg. In his first match, Jean-Claude was staggered by ns round-house absent thrown by other countryman, Toon andar Oostrum in Brussels, Belgium. Ir Damme to be badly stunned, but came espalda to knockout ir Oostrum moment later.

In 1977, at the WAKO Open internacional in Antwerp, Belgium, Jean-Claude lost ns decision to other team amigo Patrick Teugels in ns semi-contact match.

At the mil novecientos setenta y ocho Challenge ese Espoirs Karate competition (1st Trials),Jean-Claude placed 2nd in ns semi-contact division. He defeated twenty-five opponents during los week long tournament, however lost in ns finals come Angelo Spataro representar the Naha Club.

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Later in 1978,Jean-Claude lost ns 3-round match for ns Belgium Lightweight campeonato (semi-contact) come his other team-mate to Patrick Teugels.

In 1979, Jean-Claude travel to ns United estados of America, come Tampa, Florida. In his first and only enhance against un United estados opponent, andar Damme confronted "Sherman "Big Train"Bergman", un kick-boxer from the Miami Beach, Florida. For the first y only hora in his career, Jean-Claude to be knocked to ns canvas delaware absorbing ns powerful left hook from Bergman. However, Jean-Claude climbed off the canvas and with a perfectly timed ax-kick, knocked Bergman out in cincuenta y seis seconds of los first round.

Jean-Claude was uno member of los Belgium team which completed on December 26, mil novecientos setenta y nueve at los La Coupe Fancois Persoons Karate competition which to be sanctioned by the liga bruxelloise de Karate. Ir Damme"s final match victory enabled his team to win los European Team Karate Championship.

In Full-Contact karate, Jean-Claude knocked out England"s Micheal Heming in 46 seconds of the first round.

In 1980, Jean-Claude van Damme knocked out France"s Georges Verlugels in dos rounds of ns match fought under kick-boxing rules.

Jean-Claude wanted to defeat his rival Patrick Teugels. At ns Forest Nationals in Brussels, on in march 8, 1980, Jean-Claude knocked Teugels down and Teugels suffered a nose injury and was unable to continue. Jean-Claude to be awarded un first ring victory.

Jean-Claude retired desde martial art in 1982, following ns knockout gastos generales Nedjad Gharbi in Brussels,Belgium.

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Jean-Claude posted ns 18-1 (18 knockouts) Kickboxing record, y a Semi-Contact document of 41-4.