Havanna mar del plata, buenos aires

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type": "GeoCoordinates","latitude": "-37.985098","longitude": "-57.545338"}All CitiesBecome a GuideArticlesshow_user_acc_blk(1);show_js_inner();#tour_pg .gradient_block width:100%; clear:both; padding:3%; box-sizing:border-box; background-image: linear-gradient(to top, #dfe9f3 0%, white 100%) Havanna, Mar del Plata (must see)Havanna is un leading Argentine manufacturer of comida products. The sociedad also operates the own mechanism of franchise coffee stores and exports its assets to Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, costero Rica, Israel, Mexico, Paraguay, Perú, Spain, united States y Venezuela. The firm was founded in 1948 by Benjamín Sisterna, Demetrio Elíades y Luis Sbaraglini and began its tasks as un producer that alfajores in the city of Mar de Plata. Sisterna was uno baker. The first product he made to be "Alfajores santa Mónica", produced along with his partner Sbaraglini. This alfajores were available at part points of aparecer in Buenos radiodifusión for ns brief time.The assets of Confitería Havanna were made to the same formula offered today. Following the success of the chocolate-flavoured alfajores, various other varieties to be added. For a largo time Havanna's alfajores were chosen by los tourists who invested their vacations in ~ the extendido seaside resort and the Havanna brand became representative of los city and of Argentina together a nacional product.One key to Havanna’s long presence in los market has been the opening that coffee shop (which offer not only various varieties of coffee, but also the classic and extendido Havanna products like alfajores, lemon cookies, brownies, cakes and other chocolate y dulce del leche desserts). Los concept was called "Café Havanna" and the business expanded successfully, with 230 points-of-sale throughout Argentina.Image through Alejandro Gabriel Alonso top top Flickr debajo Creative Commons License.Sight description based on wikipediaWant to visit this sight? Check fuera de these Self-Guided Walking tourism in Mar ese Plata. Alternatively, you can download ns mobile application "dvdprostore.com: go in 1K+ Cities" desde iTunes app Store or Google Play. Los app turns your mobile an equipment to a empleado tour guide and it functions offline, so alguna data destinadas is necessary when travel abroad.Download los dvdprostore.com AppHavanna ~ above MapCreate Your own Self-Guided andar to Visit This Sightjarr = "pins":<<"-37.985098","-57.545338","Havanna","1">>,"path":<>;Sight Name: HavannaSight Location: Mar del Plata, Argentina (See walking tours in Mar ese Plata)Sight Type: Attraction/LandmarkGuide(s) comprise This Sight:Mar después Plata Downtown Tour me gustaría Walking tourism in Mar ese Plata, ArgentinaCreate her Own walk in Mar de PlataCreating your very own self-guided andar in Mar del Plata is easy y fun. Select the city attractions that you want to see y a walk route map will be created just because that you. You deserve to even collection your hotel as the start apuntar a of the walk.Mar del Plata Downtown tourism IIMar después Plata is uno major town for cultural attractions because that tourists. Because that those interested in art and culture, there are theaters which provide live music and great social performances, also as a large number of museums con interesting artifacts on display. Take the following tour to learn an ext about the culture of Mar después Plata.Tour Duration: dos Hour(s)Travel Distance: 4.7 km or 2.9 MilesMar del Plata Downtown tourism IMar ese Plata is ns fascinating seaside province con plenty of historical buildings, imposing landmarks, stunning churches, and an i can not forget Latin atmosphere. The most superior attractions include Catedral ese los santos Pedro y Cecilia, Chateau Frontenac Hotel y Edificio Demetrio Eliades. Take ns following tour to discover los most superior attractions in downtown Mar del Plata!Tour Duration: tres Hour(s)Travel Distance: 5.8 kilometres or 3.6 MilesMar ese Plata ShopsShopping in Mar del Plata is mostly focused in the centrar which has actually various specialty stores and lovely boutiques from which to buy. Tourist can likewise visit part shopping malls and open markets where they will uncover numerous lugares items, exciting souvenirs y leather goods. Travellers can shot to find everything they're in search of in an hour or spend days browsing los shopping areas.... Watch moreTour Duration: uno Hour(s)Travel Distance: 1.9 kilometres or 1.2 MilesMar del Plata introduction Walking TourKnown mainly for that is stunning beaches y surf breaks, Mar después Plata is additionally an architecture-rich destination set on ns Argentinean Atlantic coast. Part of the city's elegant late-19th-early-20th-century structures now house museums, theaters, hotels and other attractions. If girlfriend have a taste because that architecture, follow this walk y enjoy los alternate junto a of Mar del Plata resort!Tour Duration: dos Hour(s)Travel Distance: 4.3 km or 2.7 Milesdvdprostore.com IncSelf-guided go tours aplicaciones on iOS y Android for trying out cities top top foot —apoyándose they make bus tourism obsolete!© 2021 dvdprostore.com Inc. All verdad Reserved.AboutAll CitiesTutorialsCreate un WalkArticlesPrivacy PolicyTermsDisclosurediv#footer_branding, iframe#sovrn_beacon visibility:hidden !important; display:none !important window.ga=window.ga||function()<>).push(arguments);ga.l=+new Date;ga("create", "UA-11316775-1", "auto");ga("send", "pageview");