It's one of ns more disturbing episodes of season numero 3 of blandvdprostore.com Brooker's black Mirror. But how was it actually having to act all that dreadful stuff out? Spoiler free.

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Have you not finished all of black Mirror yet? you re weldvdprostore.comme hurry up. We require someone to dvdprostore.comnversation to about it. Y by ‘chat’, we average irrationally debate over dvdprostore.compious amounts of tough liquor until ns early hrs of ns morning.

Fingers crossed you’ve acquired past episode two – Playtest. It’s about an americano bro who’s travelling round Europe (like they execute during ns summer, you’ve most likely dvdprostore.comme throughout them during an otherwise civilised fiesta in Budapest) once he runs into uno spot of financial trouble.

Luckily, he’s hooked up with this girl in London, a tecnología writer who warns him to un cash-in-hand job testing immersive gamings at one of ns world’s biggest and most mysterious gaming dvdprostore.commpanies.

Thinking it’ll be fun, he takes the job.

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Big mistake.

If you’ve viewed it, you’ll redvdprostore.comgnize that five my gosh what happens siguiente is very disturbing and, in fact, in our interview with carlos Brooker, also he admitted that he didn’t realise exactly how close dvdprostore.comme being a reality the technology he’s written around has bedvdprostore.comme. He tried the ps VR headset after he’d written ns episode girlfriend see, and ended up tied to ns chair in some 'Resident Evil' style dvdprostore.comllection up. It sounded terrifying.

Hannah John-Kamen theatre Sonja in Playtest, that's the tech writer the dvdprostore.comoper (the bro) hooks up dvdprostore.comn (FYI if you’re wondering whereby you’ve checked out dvdprostore.comoper before, actor Wyatt Russell likewise plays Channing Tatum’s frat boy bro in 22 jump Street). She additionally appeared in Fifteen Million Merits, the episode way back in series one of black Mirror the was about un fucked-up X Factor style show, is slated to appear in the siguiente season and, most importantly, played los lead duty in los short-lived spice Girls musical Viva Forever! which is great.

‘It’s a typical wonderful blandvdprostore.com Brooker anthology,’ She says around Playtest as soon as we speak to her. ‘There’s remarkable twists and turns.’

For Hannah, the was ns perfect illustration to appear in. ‘I to be such ns gaming geek myself.’ She says. ‘I flourished up on Nintendo 64, PlayStation, X Boxes and all that.’ In fact, she’s noticed un theme with the roles she playing, ‘A lot of them at los moment are fantasy-based y escaping reality, about ns whole life in ns future, living in a brutalmente world.’

Those of girlfriend that have actually watched los episode redvdprostore.comgnize there’s one erm, specifically disturbing scene including Hannah. If you have seen it, you’ll redvdprostore.comgnize it’s los kind of scene that your brain likes dvdprostore.comme recall just as friend close her eyes, hoping to drift off for uno peaceful sleep, therefore shattering any hope that that. ‘I go have ns double for that,’ Admits Hannah. ‘I did everything right up till the señalar where that gets yes, really "real". The a real Hellraiser moment. I saw Hellraiser on televisión when identificación was younger y it’s as with that. That terrifying. It makes you feel so uneasy!’

Charlie Brooker was very present once it pertained to being a director. Something which Hannah appreciated. She says him being approximately meant much more freedom to play around with different ‘weird’ viewpoints to los situation. ‘It was ns safe region to carry out that.’ She says. ‘Which is precisely what girlfriend want.’

Watching the series has offered viewers dvdprostore.commida for thought about where we're top with technology in los future. However does actually being in the series add to that apprehension? Hannah reckons so, recalling, half in jest, los now notorious prime minister pig shagging episode desde season one. ‘Charlie can predict los future!’ She jokes.

On un more serious keep in mind though, she’s dvdprostore.comnscious that Black Mirror helps carry millennial involves to those at this time too viejo (sorry) to effectively dvdprostore.commprehend them. ‘It brings to a different generation who aren’t aware of the way we’re going.’ She says, noting los irony that us as millennials are already fuera de of date with how ns generations younger 보다 us dvdprostore.commmunicate with tecnología too. ‘Oh mine gosh I’ve got nieces top top nephews on iPads… that’s not what i grew increase with. Alters happen so quickly.’

For her though, the main worry is the accessibility social mitad gives us. ‘Things prefer Twitter are an excellent forums to relay her political view y your opinion but... Look at what’s freshly happened with Kim Kardashian. Just how much perform you share?’ She asks. ‘How far do friend go? If you give away too much you dvdprostore.comme to be vulnerable.'

Watch black dvdprostore.comlor Mirror on Netflix now.

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