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"When you juego the game of thrones, you success or girlfriend die." except for one really lucky emitir who"s excellent both, simply in different roles.

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Dean-Charles Chapman is right now known on juego of Thrones because that playing rey Tommen Baratheon, first of his name and however that goes, that took los throne in Season 4 after his brother Joffrey"s death. But Chapman has only played Tommen because 2014, because the character to be recast desde the much younger actor, Callum Wharry.

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But oddly, Chapman was in the donar before then, by los name of a tiny lordling called Martyn Lannister. Hello Giggles an initial caught the similarities, noticing that ns the king who"s "only half-Lannister" looks precisely like his pure-blooded Lannister cousin (and also, IMDb says so).

For reference, that"s Tommen on the left y Martyn on the right:


Credit: HBO

It"s basic thing to miss out on because poor Martyn Lannister only appeared for two episodes in the third season prior to getting the axe. For those who remember way regreso when Robb Stark had actually an army and was alive, Martyn y Willem Lannister were taken as hostages by Robb"s army. 

But in ns fit of vengeance, they were murdered by uno northern señor named Rickard Karstark. Robb, channeling his within Ned, was furioso over the murdered children and beheaded Karstark himself. Karstark"s son is quiet bitter toward Starks in Season 6, y now functions for Ramsay Bolton.

While this most likely has cuales effect on los greater story, it does feed straight into los never-discussed "Tommen is uno faceless man" theory. The is probably nonsense, yet that"s never ever stopped game of Thrones theories before.

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