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François-Henri Pinault is a billionaire businessman y philanthropist, too as the husband the actress Salma Hayek.Pinault is CEO and chairman of high-end fashion conglomerate Kering, which owns brands favor Gucci, Yves saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and alexander McQueen.Here’s whatever we know about Pinault.

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Salma Hayek, 52, y François-Henri Pinault, 57, have actually been with each other for over a decade, y regularly stealing the donar at every neto carpet lock hit. Hayek is known for her duties in movies like Dogma, From Dusk Til Dawn, Grown Ups, Beatriz at Dinner, and The Hitman"s Bodyguard, as well as her Oscar-nominated revolve in Frida, however who is the man who has actually been by her side since 2007? Pinault is the CEO and chairman of luxury fashion grupo Kering also as los president of holding la empresa Groupe Artémis. That comes from a influential French family, reportedly worth $34.8 billion (that"s with a B, Billion) follow to Forbes. Not too shabby, right?

He"s also the father of four, including one child with Hayek, and his philanthropy and sizable charity donations room notable. Quiet curious? Here"s every little thing we know about Pinault.

Okay, therefore he"s un billionaire, however what does the own?

Pinault took over as CEO that what was then-known together PPR (Pinault-Printemps-Redoute) desde his father, François Pinault, in 2005, and moved ns brand into luxury goods. Pinault change the name PPR to Kering in 2013. Kering is behind part major nombre like Gucci, Yves smo Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Brioni, Balenciaga, alexander McQueen, Boucheron, and Pomellato. That is also ns president of Groupe Artémis, ns holding sociedad that controls the assets of the Pinault family. Groupe Artémis owns ns luxury auction house Christie"s, French winery castillo Latour, Stade Rennais F.C., and Paris"s Théâtre Marigny, among others.

Pinault"s father, François, is one of the wealthiest world in ns world, landing at #23 on los Bloomberg Billionaire"s Index. The Pinault family likewise own weekly newspaper Le Point, part that the newspaper Le Monde, as fine as ns French television network TF-1.

Hayek y Pinault room mum around their relationship.

Hayek and Pinault met in spring 2006 at ns gala at ns Palazzo Grassi in Venice, however don"t ask Hayek much more details 보다 that. In one interview with Town & Country she shared, "It"s such uno romantic, impressive story, however it is mine. I don"t want to vulgarize the by do it into a historia to do myself interesting." los pair announced your engagement at los same tiempo they shared the news that Hayek"s pregnancy in march 2007, and they obtained married twice—once in a city hall ceremony in parís on Valentine"s Day, y for ns second hora in ns star-studded work in Venice, Italy.

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Pinault was previously married, and has two niños from that marriage: estaban François and daughter Mathilde. He to be at one tiempo linked to Nicole Kidman, however in October 2006, welcomed a child con supermodel Linda Evangelista, Augustin jaime Evangelista. Pinault"s daughter with Hayek, Valentina Paloma, was born in September 2007.

He doesn"t simply own fashion companies, he to know his fashion.

Pinault had a huge hand in the transition of legend fashion brand Balenciaga after Nicolas Ghesquière stepped debajo as an imaginative Director y Hedi Slimane took over for Stefano Pilati in ~ Yves saint Laurent.

“Nicolas built Balenciaga over quince years—he reanimated it. He projected one absolutely incredible modernity onto ns traditional brand. But there comes ns time, often when un brand has actually matured, when it needs to expand its scope y its imaginative vocabulary and that’s when you must ask yourself if it’s tiempo for miscellaneous else,” Pinault called The nuevo York Times in 2013.

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He"s a huge donor to the Notre Dame Cathedral repair efforts.

In April, after the tragic loss of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Pinault pledged €100 million (over us $113 million) to assist with the church"s reconstruction. In a statement derived by French newspaper Le Figaro, Pinault promised: “My dad (François Pinault) y myself have made decision to release ns sum the €100 million from our Artemis accumulation (the family holding company) to take part in los effort that will certainly be essential for the complete repair of Notre-Dame.”

This isn"t Pinault"s just philanthropic endeavor: In 2008, that founded los Kering Foundation, which help promote y defend women"s rights, y in 2019, French chairman Emmanuel Macron made decision him to create a coalition of fashion brands the are devoted to creating and growing sustainable models for the fashion industry.

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