Formentor, A Royal Hideaway Hotel

The luxurious Formentor Hotel near Puerto Pollensa is because that sale, con planned works collection to it is in completed within the próximo two years. Reports suggest buyers will invest veinte million euros in its renovation.

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Green iluminar for Formentor Hotel renovations

Until recently, the Formentor Hotel has been run by the Barceló Group, who apparently evidenced its upcoming sale. In luz of ns sale, Pollensa’s ciudad Council has given ns green brillante for renovations at los hotel. This signals un huge action forward for its buyers. Ns permit will allow for considerable work at los site, yet renovations have to be perfect within two years.

Who are los buyers?

Although it’s yet to be shown on their website’s pressroom, los buyers room reportedly four Seasons Hotels y Resorts. Ns Canada-based sociedad has been correr high-end hotels due to the fact that 1961, which they describir as “luxury for los modern traveller”. They would acquire over 130 rooms and extensive gardens.

According to reports, ns buyers are expected to invest a totalmente of 20 million euro in renovations. The is hoped that this will aid to an increase the local area y maintain its reputation as uno luxurious traveler destination.

About Formentor, ns Royal Hideaway Hotel

The Formentor Hotel is well-known for the five-star facilities y gorgeous location. It sit at los edge of a vast woodland, nestled between dos spectacular mountains. Guests can access ns beautiful Formentor coast directly desde the hotel, i m sorry is open in between April y October.

The hotel was built in 1956 by Argentinean Adan Dielh. He reportedly envisioned un remote utopia because that guests, influenced by his love of the arts. Today, los hotel is well known for its historic a-list guests, consisting of Grace Kelly y Prince Rainier, carlos Chaplin, and Winston Churchill.

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For much more information on los hotel, we recommend analysis our blog article, hidden Places: Hotel Formentor. It details ns hotel’s main attractions, history, y stunning locations. In ~ Balearic Properties, we upgrade our news pages regularly with ns latest Mallorcan home news y insights.

Properties in ns Formentor area

Thanks come its far location among rolling countryside y gorgeous pine forest, los Formentor peninsular offers un unique level of privacy in Mallorca. The area is perfect for those who enjoy ns little peace y quiet, without being also far representar the wonderful amenities that the Pollensa area needs to offer.


Villas in Formentor are often elevated, offering breath-taking views over the Mediterranean, with un stretch that sandy coast nearby. Plenty of properties come with extensive gardens y luxurious pools. We at this time have a selection the exquisite Formentor villas in ours portfolio, each with its own distinctive style, concealed away along ns cost.

Puerto Pollensa – natural beauty in phia băc Mallorca

The nearest town to Formentor is Puerto Pollensa. The area is one of los most sought-after places in Mallorca come own ns property. Once a small fishing port, Puerto Pollensa maintain its charm with a wonderful balance of lively restaurants y stunning views. The area is patria to a spectacular white sandy beach, inside wall by the famous pine Walk.


It is feasible to uncover breath-taking nature throughout ns Pollensa region, including villas, townhouses, y apartments, set against ns gorgeous like the mountain backdrop. At Balearic Properties, we specialise in finding ns perfect properties for buyers across los island.

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