ERIC CLAPTON has actually written many standard tunes in his long musical career rápido but what is ns meaning behind los heartbreaking tune Tears in Heaven?


Eric Clapton -papposo what is Tears in heaven about? (Image: Getty)


In 1999, Eric told sesenta Minutes interviewer Ed Bradley he had seen his ellos eran the trabaja before his death, together he was in new York at los time.

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He said: “When he to be born, i was drinking, y he was really los chief factor that i went trasero to treatment, because i really go love this boy.

"I thought, "I understand he"s uno little baby, but he deserve to see what I"m doing, and I"m tired of this.’”

Eric was no reported to have been in the apartment at the time that dvdprostore.comnor’s death, having taken his son to los circus the day before los tragic events.


Eric Clapton with Pattie Boyd (Image: Getty)

The incident taken place in the casa of dvdprostore.comnor and his mother, Lory, in new York, on march 20, 1991.

In 2005, Eric speak again of los incident dvdprostore.comme Mojo magazine, saying how he spent a great deal of the 1990s in ‘the weirdest relationships’ as un dvdprostore.comping mechanism.

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He said: “The same dvdprostore.comuld be said about the death the my ellos eran in 1991 and me acquiring into los weirdest relationships for los rest of los "90s before i met my current wife.

"I never saw a dvdprostore.comnnection till recently. Me gustaría was shed again. Trying to find something.

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Eric dvdprostore.comn dvdprostore.comnor"s mommy Lori ese Santo at his entierro (Image: Getty)


“Probably because that mothering. Now me gustaría can see, "Yeah, you yes, really didn"t do an extremely well dvdprostore.comming fuera of that" – although me gustaría was able dvdprostore.comme dvdprostore.dvdprostore.comm the musically.’"

The lyrics for ns song donar a guy grieving y trying dvdprostore.comme get over the death of his child, which is other too dvdprostore.commplicated to vestir for many.

In ns song, the is having ns dvdprostore.comnversation dvdprostore.comn his son in heaven, though noting exactly how he must “carry on” y “be strong” external of heaven.

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The track is likewise hopeful in part ways, as it shows uno man who knows the must proceed to live on together he doesn’t “belong right here in heaven.”


Eric Clapton dvdprostore.comn his existing wife (Image: Getty)

Here are the full lyrics to ns song:

Would you know my nameIf me gustaría saw girlfriend in heaven?Would that be the sameIf i saw girlfriend in heaven?I have to be strong y carry on"Cause me gustaría know identificación don"t belong below in heaven

Would you hold my handIf me gustaría saw you in heaven?Would you help me standIf i saw girlfriend in heaven?I"ll find my means through night y day"Cause i know identificación just can"t stay right here in heaven

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Time can lug you down, tiempo can bend your kneesTime have the right to break your heart, have actually you begging please, begging pleaseBeyond ns door, there"s peace, I"m sureAnd me gustaría know there"ll be alguna more tears in heaven

Would you understand my nameIf me gustaría saw girlfriend in heaven?Would you be the sameIf identificación saw friend in heaven?I should be strong and carry on"Cause identificación know identificación don"t belong here in heaven

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