Elton John and David Furnish space proud fathers of Zachary, 8, and Elijah, 6. Picture: Getty
David Furnish had actually his very own career together an advertisement executive as soon as he met Elton hombre at a dinner party in 1993. Picture: Getty

"I prospered up in uno wonderfully happy, balanced household, with dos other brothers and a mother y father that were still in love. I'd had actually such un positive suffer at home, identificación wanted to live up to that ideal. But identificación couldn't perform it. I had a lot of fail relationships, a lot of unhappiness, a lot the shame y embarrassment, poor self-image stuff. Me gustaría had to get away,"

Elton had remained in famously high profile relationships con women before he met David Furnish.

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Most significantly he to be married come Renate Blauel because that four año from mil novecientos ochenta y tres to 1987 and was previously involved to Linda Hannon in 1970, who freshly spoke el fin about Elton cancelling their wedding simply before ns ceremony.

When did David Furnish and Elton john get married?

Elton y David had a cortés partnership in dos mil cinco and a wedding awareness ion December 21, dos mil catorce as quickly as same-sex marital relationship was legalised in los UK.

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Elton claimed at los time: "Having our cortés partnership was an incredible breakthrough for human being that have actually campaigned because that a long time -papposo through the 60s y the 50s in inglaterra when it to be so tough to be gay and hard to it is in open around it. Y it was a criminal act."

sir Elton john (R) y his partner David Furnish pose because that photographs at ns Guildhall in Windsor, 21 December 2005, delaware conducting a short cortés "wedding" ceremony at the registry office. Picture: Getty

So because that this legislation to come v is joyous, y we must celebrate it. Us shouldn't simply say, 'Oh, well we have a civil partnership. We're no going to bother to obtain married'. Us will acquire married."

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And get married they did! los wedding was un lavish affair y David and Victoria Beckham, David Williams, Ed Sheeran, Hugh Grant and Gary Barlow among los guests in attendance.

Guests were treated to an elegant reception filled con dark neto roses and a superb dinner of beef short rib y warm chocolate pudding.

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Together now for nearly thirty years, Elton and David tho find hora to be very romantic in the direction of one another.