Eclipse Del 2 De Julio 2019

This enteramente solar ceremonia was visible representar small components of Chile y Argentina just prior to sunset. Some regions in the Pacific and in sur America, consisting of locations in Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay saw ns partial solar eclipse.

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record of our ceremonia live stream|Grabación ese nuestro eclipse dentro de directo

Was this completamente Solar oscuridad visible in Ann Arbor?

What the eclipsó Looked prefer Near los Maximum Point

The dibujos animados shows what the eclipse approximately looked prefer near ns maximum point. Los curvature of the Moon"s course is early out to the Earth"s rotation.

Live Eclipse animación will start at:
Live Eclipse vitalidad has ended.

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Where the eclipse Was Seen

Detailed ceremonia path map
3D globe map

Try our new interactive eclipse maps. Zoom in y search for accurate eclipse times and visualizations for any location.

Path of the eclipsó Shadow

Regions the saw, in ~ least, a partial eclipse: sur in phia băc America, lot of sur America, Pacific.

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Expand for part cities wherein at least component of los total eclipsó was visible
Expand for some cities wherein partial oscuridad was visible

Was this eclipse visible in Ann Arbor?

Eclipse shadow Path

Portion of sol covered by los Moon (Eclipse obscuration)






The dark areas symbolize night and twilight.

3D eclipsó Animation

Portion of sun covered by the Moon (Eclipse obscuration)






The dark locations symbolize night and twilight.

Note: The animación follows the oscuridad shadow from west to east, its señalar of view moving around los planet at un greater velocidad, velocidad than Earth"s rotation. If friend don"t take right into account this rapid change of perspective, it may look like planet is turn in the wrong direction.

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When the eclipsó Happened an international — Timeline

The eclipsó started at one location y ended at another. The times listed below are en la actualidad times (in UTC) once the oscuridad occurred.

EventUTC TimeTime in Ann Arbor*
First ar to see ns partial ceremonia beginJul dos at 16:55:13Jul dos at 12:55:13 pm
First ar to see ns full oscuridad beginJul 2 at 18:01:08Jul dos at 2:01:08 pm
Maximum EclipseJul 2 at 19:22:57Jul dos at 3:22:57 pm
Last location to see ns full ceremonia endJul dos at 20:44:46Jul 2 at 4:44:46 pm
Last ar to see ns partial eclipsó endJul dos at 21:50:34Jul dos at 5:50:34 pm

* These local times perform not refer to a specific location however indicate ns beginning, peak, y end that the oscuridad on uno global scale, each line referring to a different location. Please note that the local times because that Ann Arbor space meant as a guideline in situation you want to watch the eclipse via un live webcam. They do not average that the ceremonia is necessarily mostrar claramente there.