Three año ago today, Donald Glover exit his third Childish Gambino studio album, “Awaken, mine Love!”. Ns 11-track project drew an essential acclaim for its combination of psychedelic soul, funk, y R&B influenced by Funkadelic y The Isley Brothers.

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Even los cover arte pays tribute to Funkadelic by acquisition inspiration from the artwork because that the jorge Clinton-led group’s 1971 album, Maggot Brain:


As contributor Lyric-dope clues out, Glover formerly mentioned los LP to be “one the my favorite albums ever” in one interview with Amoeba Records.

“It used to give me nightmares when me gustaría was un kid,” he claimed about los Maggot Brain cover. “There’s ns skull on the back, too, and I didn’t know what it was about, however my dad loved it, really loved it. He offered to it is in like, ‘Eddie Hazel is los best guitarist ever, he’s much better than Jimi .’”

The “Awaken, mine Love!” cover is shot by nuevo York City-based creative director Ibra Ake and features modelo Giannina Oteto wearing a headdress draft by Laura Wass, founder of WXYZ Jewelry. Follow to The new York Times, Wass used ciento cincuenta y siete tubes and ochocientos veinticuatro beads to create ns headpiece.

Wass, that is additionally known for producing headpieces because that Beyoncé y Erykah Badu, spoke about designing los “Awaken, my Love!” headdress in one April dos mil diecisiete interview with Pigeons & Planes.

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“The Childish Gambino album sheathe came around for me like as a total surprise,” she said, before explaining it was initially designed for an additional artist’s videos that was never released. “It’s really the first hora we’ve to be featured on one album cover therefore prominently. Component of ns power of los image is los ambiguity that this really extreme moment y not quite knowing what that minute is.”

Prior to los release of ns album, Glover teased los cover by hiding it in plain sight in “Juneteenth,” ns ninth episode of his FX series, Atlanta:

He likewise wore ns t-shirt with the cover photo during his September dos mil dieciséis appearance ~ above The so late Late admitir with jaime Corden.

After debuting and peaking at No. Cinco on the Billboard 200, “Awaken, my Love!” later on received Grammy nominations for Album of los Year y Best urbano Contemporary Album. Its second single, “Redbone,” reached No. Doce on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned a Grammy for ideal Traditional R&B Performance.

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“Redbone” producer Ludwig Göransson previously broke down how the song to be made:

Catch increase on all los lyrics to Childish Gambino’s “Awaken, mine Love!” ~ above now.