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Ariana Rockefeller, granddaughter of David Rockefeller, credits her household for teaching her the value of difficult work and giving back. This week, she grandparents' empleado collection is on salga at Christie's Auction House. Proceeds of los sale, upwards that $765 million, will certainly go come charity. She says she's excited the public loves the collection so much and that she is able to al honor her family's legacy.

Despite being ns Rockefeller, as uno child Ariana Rockefeller had actually to document her allowance — exactly how much she got, how much she spent y where, she said.

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"The message was, uno dollar is uno dollar y to value that y to put a lot of worth on hard work and the enjoyment the life, of course, and to provide back," Rockefeller called dvdprostore.com's Robert frank on "Power Lunch" Thursday.

In fact, her grandfather, David Rockefeller, the legendary american banker who passed away in 2017, gave espalda about $2 billion over his lifetime to miscellaneous philanthropic endeavors.

This main David and Peggy Rockefeller's personal collection is on salga during uno weeklong auction at Christie's in nuevo York.

"There's a hora for exclusive life, y there's a time to step forward," Ariana Rockefeller said. "This was yes, really my grandparents' vision."

The auction house estimated ns collection to it is in worth about $500 million. Together of Thursday, ns collection had actually made an ext than $765 million, including the salga of ns Picasso héctor for $115 million. Proceeds representar the auction will go come charity.

The arsenal includes los family's emplea artifacts, such as a treasured picnic basket, candlesticks, paintings and fine china, amongst other things. Rockefeller said she is excited that the public loves ns collection as lot as her grand did.

"He really used almost every item in his collection and loved it," she said. "I think my grandfather had such great taste, and he really cherished beautiful things."

All family members members got to save one item from the collection, worth up to $1 million, she said. Rockefeller, who introduced her very own fashion and apparel label in 2011, chose un bracelet her grand once bought for her grandmother.

Ariana Rockefeller attends los Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & the Catholic creative thinking Costume academia Gala at los Metropolitan museo of art on may 7, 2018 in new York City.
Dia Dipasupil | WireImage

She wore the bracelet to Monday's Met Gala event.

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The Rockefellers are 7 generations rich. Ariana Rockefeller claimed the secret to she family's success — y by extension her very own — is having ns close-knit family that works hard y budgets wisely.

The 5 Rockefeller brothers. Representar left to right: David Winthrop, john D Rockefeller III, Nelson y Laurance.
Hulton save | Getty Images

"There's such ns value the having ns work ethic in my family and of working tough at every little thing it is we select to do and focus on," Ariana Rockefeller said.

"I definitely try to el respeto that," she said.

Christie's Rockefeller aparecer the largest individual auction ever
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