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no ArtistDavid Bowie
22 June 1973
no 4.39 no / 5.00.5 representar 2,528 ratings
#1 because that 1973, #8 overall

epic, lush, melodic, masculine vocals, orchestral, scientific research fiction, poetic, melancholic, surreal, bittersweet, lonely, passionate, political, anthemic, abstract, alienation


me gustaría prefer "The man Who Sold the World" to the A página - and I favor Lulu's version of that. Yep, call me perverse.

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This is los most beautiful, strong y spectacular song ever before composed by David Bowie in his whole career. Ns Rick Wakeman piano play is superior there. He shows how an excellent he is.The track peaked in ~ #3 in UK however definitely deserved better.It has been newly used as ns jingle to the French blog post advertisement... Funny!A need to Have.
GRADE: A+IN los CHARTS: Bizarrely overlooked once it concerned promoting Hunky Dory, "Life ~ above Mars?" was released together a soltero at los height the Ziggymania in 1973 and peaked in ~ #3. It was aided by un spare but iconic video, with un glammed-up Bowie occupying a white void. THE key EVENT: In describing the relative staminas of Lennon y McCartney, Ian MacDonald wrote of los difference between "horizontal" y "vertical" song-writing. Ns former representing an emphasis on rhythm y texture, ns latter shifting los focus to harmonic and melodic variety. Bowie's highest possible rated singles ("Heroes" and "Life on Mars?") demonstrate this dichotomy perfectly, and both are ns best exponents of their corresponding approaches. "Life on Mars?" is quite simply los most harmonically y melodically exceptional song he ever wrote, and Exhibit un in refuting los accusation the Bowie was all style gastos generales substance. Unlike los other piano numbers on los first junto a of Hunky Dory, ns song launches straight into it's very first verse: a dizzying chord sequence lugged by rick Wakeman's sublime piano work (the same piano that McCartney had actually played "Hey Jude" on). Bowie had begun composing on piano - as protest to guitar or saxophone -papposo around this time y his songwriting enhanced immediately. Take los pre-chorus, con it's sudden augmented chords who dissonance increase the drama of ns unfolding rigid tenfold. Or take los chorus itself which leaps, then dives, then feints as if about to resolve prior to that final octave leap hits and Bowie sustains perhaps the most iconic keep in mind of his career. Bowie y Wakeman understandably draw ns lion's share of ns praise here, however much credit is owed to Mick Ronson's stunning arrangement. Not a bar is wasted here. This is confirmed in the way his understated, melodic guitar solo acts as los connective tissue between ns chorus y the 2nd verse, y how that folds into seamlessly into ns brief Mellotron part that launches claimed verse. The is los string setup he provides for ns chorus y outro the is his coup del grace, though. This is uno score befitting of uno "best marketing show" that bobs and weaves approximately Bowie's pristine vocal, without stealing any kind of focus at the central moment. It fin in quick but giddy crescendo that ultimately resolves with un timpani sting nabbed from Strauss (via 2001: uno Space Odyssey).

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But what on planet is Bowie's finest soltero actually about? In his very own words, from the time, the is simply a "A sensitive joven girl's reaction to the media". Ns mousy-haired girl goes to los movies versus her wishes, is unable to find her friend, and is completely desensitised to the barrage of imagen that unfold before her eyes. The película in question is an ext documentary 보다 fiction, ns chorus worrying itself with ns violence that man and the second verse uno potted background of de interno decline (America's Mickey Mouse having actually "grown up a cow"; Britannia diminished to ns horde the holiday-goers) y industrial unrest. These space adult concerns that are ns saddening bore to ns child, y in los opening lines she parents are actors as antagonists because that forcing this reality upon her. "She could spit in ns eyes of fools" seems like un direct reply to the "these children that friend spit on" desde "Changes", suggesting a generational spitting contest. Los titular inquiry that action as the climax in both choruses seems favor an exasperated plea for an escape representar this limitless drudgery coming not representar the movie itself, but desde our protagonist. The it features los same octave leap that would certainly reappear top top "Starman" (a track which straight answers this plea) can't it is in coincidental. It's the second pre-chorus the muddies the waters here, con Bowie, having actually mostly grounding to the third human being throughout, moving to los first human being to disclose himself as the auteur that this tawdry spectacle. Having actually just become uno father, is this Bowie implicating himself in the process the foisting truth on ns generation do not want or unable to expropriate it? One por último influence demands to it is in acknowledged, y that is anthony Burgess. In a Clockwork orange the young protagonist is precise "hooked to ns silver screen" and bombarded with images of violence in an initiative to cleanse him the his immorality (an immorality born fuera de of boredom as much as anything). "Life on Mars?" posits the there should be much more to life than this, also if it is not on this planet.THE flip SIDE: Pairing los best tracks-that-should've-been-singles representar Bowie's two albums prior to Ziggy was good marketing representar RCA. I'm of los generation who very first encountered "The male Who Sold the World" as a Nirvana cover, and have love it ever since. At ns time, it to be arguably Bowie's most well make lyric.

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DID you KNOW? Bowie had actually written los first English lyric for what would become "My Way" (losing fuera to pablo Anka). Ns rejection stuck with him, y it listed one of the motivations for the similarly arranged (but vastly superior) "Life ~ above Mars?".A choque Course For the Ravers: Every Bowie soltero Ranked & the evaluation <120-1>