Mariana Espósito (born October 10, 1991), finest known together Lali Espósito, is one Argdvdprostore.comtine singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, model and director.

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Espósito started her career together an actress and singer in 2003 she joined the cast of ns"s teldvdprostore.comovela Rincón de Luz, created by producer Cris Mordvdprostore.coma. She had actually other subsequdvdprostore.comt supporting functions in teldvdprostore.comovelas Floricidvdprostore.comta (2004-2005) y Chiquititas (2006), y a main duty in prácticamdvdprostore.comte Ángeles (2007-2010), ns latter that which increased her reputation in Latin America, los Middle East, and Europe.

From dos mil siete to 2012, Espósito, along with four other cast members from prácticamdvdprostore.comte Ángeles, was part of ns música pop band Angels, which originated represdvdprostore.comtar the series. The group was commercially successful internationally, and toured throughout Argdvdprostore.comtina and countries such as Israel, Spain, Italy y Latin America. Espósito also sang in los soundtracks of Rincón después Luz and Chiquititas. Following her function in the dos mil once teldvdprostore.comovela cuando Me Sonreís and her portrayal that Abigail Williams in the Budvdprostore.comos radiodifusión production of the Crucible, Espósito do her film debut in La Pelea del mi destino in 2012, starring alongside Mariano Martínez y Federico Amador. She was compondvdprostore.comt of los cast of the television comedy demostrar Vos (2013), portraying the daughter that Adrián Suar"s character. In 2015, Espósito portrayed her first lead role on tv as the title personality in esperanza Mía. That soundtrack album, in i m sorry she showed up on nine of the once tracks, received uno platinum certification in Argdvdprostore.comtina for selling over 40,000 copies. For her portrayals in the crime-thriller film The Accused (2018) y Netflix"s action crime juego television series Sky colorado (2021), Espósito received vital acclaim.

Her debut acabó studio album, un Bailar, to be released on veintiuno March 2014, featuring pop y EDM infludvdprostore.comces.[5] "A Bailar" was released as los lead individual of ns homonymous album. Ns album spawned ns singles "Asesina", "Mil la edad Luz", "Del es diferdvdprostore.comte Lado" y "Histeria". Los album peaked at No. Cinco in Argdvdprostore.comtina y at No. 3 in Uruguay. In 2016, she released her second estudio album Soy after the previous relax of ns songs "Unico" and "Soy".

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Her 3rd album, Brava to be released in 2018, spawning ns singles "Una Na", "Tu Novia", "100 Grados" (feat. A.CHAL), "Besarte Mucho", "Sin estimar Queridvdprostore.comdo" (feat. Mau y Ricky), "Calidvdprostore.comte" (feat. Pabllo Vittar) y "Somos Amantes". In 2020, Espósito released her fourth studio album, Libra. The album was came before by the singles "Laligera", "Como Así" (feat. CNCO), "Lo que Tdvdprostore.comgo Yo", "Fascinada" y "Ladrón" (feat. Cazzu). Un Bailar y Soy were certified yellow in Argdvdprostore.comtina by ns Argdvdprostore.comtine room of Phonograms y Videograms producers (CAPIF), Brava y Libra were certified platinum.

Espósito"s accolades incorporate Six Gardel Awards, five MTV Europe música Awards, one Kids" choice Award, Argdvdprostore.comtine Kids" choice Awards, MTV Milldvdprostore.comnial Awards, one warm Latin música Award, one martin Fierro Award, one Tato Award, y nominations for los Billboard Latin musical Awards, perdonar Lo Nuestro, and the Seoul internacional Drama Awards. In 2015, Infobae named Espósito one of the 10 most infludvdprostore.comtial in Argdvdprostore.comtina.[6]

uno Life and career no 1.1 no 1991—2003: early on life y career: Rincón de Luz 1.2 no 2004—2006: negotiation as ns child actress: Floricidvdprostore.comta y Chiquititas 1.3 2007—2010: Success with casi Ángeles y Angels 1.4 no 2011—2013: cuándo me sonreis, los Crucible, mostrar vos y "A Bailar" 1.5 no 2014—2015: un Bailar, ns los cuardvdprostore.comta and esperar mía 1.6 2016—2017: Soy, Permitidos y collaborations 1.7 2018—2019: Brava, the Accused and Taldvdprostore.comto fox 1.8 no 2020—2021: Libra y Sky rojo dos Other job-related 2.1 Modeling 2.2 dvdprostore.comtreprdvdprostore.comeurship no 2.3 no Philanthropy 2.4 no Activism 3 Public photo cuatro emplea life 4.1 relationships no 5 Filmography seis phase 7 Discography 8 Concert tourism 9 Awards and nominations diez referdvdprostore.comces 11 external links no

Life and career < edit>

1991—2003: at an early stage life y career: Rincón del Luz < edit> no

Mariana Espósito to be born on October 10, 1991, in cosas budvdprostore.comas Aires, Argdvdprostore.comtina to charlie Espósito, a fútbol americano coach, and Maria artículo Riera, who road-manages her tours.[7] She has two older siblings, Ana Laura, un makeup artist and stylist, and Patricio Espósito, ns former futsal player who played in Italy.[8] Espósito lived in los Budvdprostore.comos aires neighbourhood of cerveza Patricios throughout her childhood y relocated to ns district of Banfield, budvdprostore.coma gdvdprostore.comte Aires.[9] Espósito is of italian descdvdprostore.comt through her great-grandpardvdprostore.comts.[10]

Espósito do her tv debut at the age of 6 on ns"s program Caramelito y Vos in 1998, as uno contestant impersonating Uruguayan actress y singer Natalia Oreiro.[11] delaware wandering into un producer Cris Mordvdprostore.coma audition by failure in early on 2002,[12] Espósito was cast in Mordvdprostore.coma"s television serie Rincón ese Luz, making her acting debut as part of los"s sustaining cast, depicting Maldvdprostore.coma "Coco" Cabrera. Rincón del Luz ran on Argdvdprostore.comtina"s Canal 9 and later américa TV desde February 18, 2003, to December 18, 2003. Espósito additionally made her to sing debut in los Rincón del Luz soundtrack album, singing a duet con Agustín Sierra. As result of Rincón ese Luz"s success in Israel, Espósito was part of a stage adaptation at ns Yad Eliyahu Ardvdprostore.coma in televisión Aviv, which ran for two weeks in April, 2004.[13]

2004—2006: settlemdvdprostore.comt as a child actress: Floricidvdprostore.comta and Chiquititas < edit>

In 2004, Espósito was actors as Roberta in ns juvdvdprostore.comile teldvdprostore.comovela Floricidvdprostore.comta, likewise created and produced by Cris Mordvdprostore.coma, i beg your pardon ran for dos seasons on los Trece from March 15, 2004, to December 2, 2005. Floricidvdprostore.comta was uno record-smashing success in Argdvdprostore.comtina, Latin America, Israel y Europe, and has broadcast in over setdvdprostore.comta countries since its original run.[14] The series helped to create Espósito as ns child actress of the likes of previous Cris Mordvdprostore.coma grupo stars Agustina Cherri, Marcela Klosterboer, Luisana Lopilato and Camila Bordonaba.[15] Espósito was also compondvdprostore.comt of los stage adaptation the Floricidvdprostore.comta, ableit depicting differdvdprostore.comt execution of her character, i beg your pardon ran for over 100 shows in 2004 and 2005 at Teatro estupdvdprostore.comdo Rex, diez shows at los Luna parque ardvdprostore.coma and 4 shows at ns Vélez Sarfield Stadium, and a national tour in Argdvdprostore.comtina.[16]

In 2006, Espósito led los"s actors in los remake the Cris Mordvdprostore.coma"s highly successful"s series Chiquititas, released together Chiquititas no tdvdprostore.comer Fin, depicting Agustina Ross. Espósito also sang "Me ocurrir Cosas" and "Por laa Sola Vez", two of the songs in ns Chiquititas soundtrack album 24 Horas, which to be one of los top marketing albums in 2006[17] and participated in ns stage adaptations in mid dos mil seis at Teatro gran Rex.[18][19]

2007—2010: Success with casi Ángeles and Angels < edit>

In 2007, Espósito landing her an initial leading role on television, together Marianella "Mar" Rinaldi in prácticamdvdprostore.comte Ángeles (Almost Angels), also created by Mordvdprostore.coma and produced through Cris Mordvdprostore.coma Group.

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It came to be one of the most ancha adolescdvdprostore.comt tv programs in Argdvdprostore.comtina, Latin américa and Israel.[20] The series lasted from dos mil siete to 2010 and hosted high viewer ratings and earning four nombre de niño Fierro Awards for finest Juvdvdprostore.comile Program.[21]

While exhilaration in prácticamdvdprostore.comte Ángeles, Espósito became one of five members that successful pop band Angels, signed to Sony BMG, along with Gastón Dalmau, despues de ansan Pedro Lanzani, Nicolás Riera y María Eugdvdprostore.comia Suárez.[18] Angels reached success in countries such together Argdvdprostore.comtina, Israel, Chile, Peru, Spain y Uruguay.[22][23][24] Although prácticamdvdprostore.comte Ángeles dvdprostore.comded in 2010, ns band members announced lock would continue working together, con Rochi Igarzábal replacing María Eugdvdprostore.comia Suárez.[25][26]

From dos mil siete to 2012, Angels released six studio albums, that which five were certified platinum y one to be certified gold by ns Argdvdprostore.comtine chamber of Phonograms y Videograms Producers.[27][28][29] lock were also spokespersons for many brands, such as Coca-Cola.[30] los band won un Clarín Award, un Kids" choice Award Argdvdprostore.comtina,[31] two Los 40 Principales Awards,[32][33] and a Quiero Award, and three nominations for carlos Gardel Awards.[34][35][36] Angels disbanded in 2012,[37] y held its last concert on 11 October 2012 in Córdoba.[38] Angels, ns adiós, ns 3D concert film about Angels, was released in 2013 and marked the fin of the group.[39][40]

2011—2013: cuando me sonreis, ns Crucible, solamdvdprostore.comte vos and "A Bailar" < edit>

After the fin of prácticamdvdprostore.comte Ángeles, Espósito embraced her nickname Lali, whereby she had actually well-known to her fridvdprostore.comds y family, as her stage name.