This is ns fight every boy who grew up in ns "80s or "90s want to see at part point. Two martial artists, dos action stars: Jean Claude andar Damme vs. Chuck Norris. Los highlight of los night. Ns main event. The course, this fight is purely hypothetical since ir Damme isn"t in his element anymore and Chuck Norris has never left his.

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In this corner, we have un 5"10" activity hero from Brussels, Belgium, weighing in at simply around setenta y cinco acting credits listed top top IMDB and one awkward exhilaration style. He"s won the Kumite in Bloodsport, outwitted his hunters in Hard Target, travel through hora in Time Cop, y is uno veteran of ns underground fight step in ns movie Lionheart. Welcome to los ring, ladies y gentlemen, Jean Claude andar Damme!

Aaaaand, in this corner, we have actually his opponent. This fighter desde the United states who once fought Bruce leer in The means of los Dragon. Los long-time champion of jokes the got old a long time ago, thought to have passed away in numerous hoaxes, the hero that Texas, with un string of film y TV appearances ~ above his IMDB page, chuck "The Texas Ranger" Norris!

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Neither Norris nor ir Damme is ns mere action star. Both have actually real-life struggle experience under their belts.

Sure, ir Damme deserve to do the splits favor it"s nobody"s business. But how most likely is he come win un fight against Norris? Well, los Belgian is a blackbelt in karate. That can not sound too impressive, but prior to he moved to ns United States, he completed in full-contact competitions desde the age doce until that left Belgium at 18 years old. His former karate coach, Claude Goetz, un seasoned y world-renowned karate instructor, claims in an interview posted on YouTube that andar Damme could"ve been uno champion.

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Van Damme is well-known to take it his maintain seriously, i beg your pardon is forced in stimulate to end up being a humano rubber band like him. When he began training in martial arts, his father developed him un gym in the attic where van Damme would certainly train for four hours every day, follow to Fighting Arts. Together reported by Karate City, that still bring away his training very seriously. Van Damme"s IMDB profile list his fighting document as 18-1, with dieciocho knockouts in kickboxing, and 41-4 for semi-contact karate, i m sorry is nothing come scoff at.

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Chuck Norris has actually his own superior fight record. Liveabout puts Norris"s all at once karate document at 183-10-2, with 30 tournament wins. Norris was uno middle-weight karate champ for six años straight. He holds a black belt in asi que Soo perform and, being ns first human in los western hemisphere to ever do so, hold an 8th-degree black color belt in Tae Kwon do. After losing ns fight to Rickson Gracie, Norris walk on to train in Brazilian Jujitsu, at some point earning uno 3rd-degree black color belt in the art. He"s produced his very own martial art style, Chuk Kuk Do, and as to chat Weekly reported in 2008, began his very own full-contact fighting league, los World Combat League.

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Unlike ir Damme, Norris didn"t stop competing at ns young age, which provide him yet an additional edge. Once we view the two competitors" documents side-by-side y take into account los different martial arts devices in each of our fighter"s belts, recubrimiento Norris takes ns win.