Barcelona vs sociedad deportiva eibar

We are main Ticket agent of los FC


We space proud to it is in an official Ticket certified dealer of FC for 25 years, debajo theLicense No. 2021/22 FCB00FM. This means ns constantly renewed to trust between the club and us. Because that you rápido buyers -papposo this is the only guarantee of main tickets y impeccable customer service!

25 años of Experience

After more than 25 years of marketing FC tickets, we deserve to sell up to cuatro mil tickets término match, which is an business challenge y proves our expertise.

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1st Official firm by ns number the sales, ours tickets y their shipment are guaranteed. Anxiety in on our side, not yours !

Guarantee Tickets with each other

We will always try to certain that los tickets are in pairs. Areas together can be junto a by side, diagonally, one above los other or with another fútbol americano fan between them. Us will constantly give priority to los most reasonable option, the of side-by-side seats.

Pricing Policy

Our customer-oriented plan is to sell a service called Ticket Package that might include: the fútbol americano tickets, ns souvenir, a city guide book or map y home shipment service.In many occasions, in order to guarantee ns Ticket Package access for our customers, we need to buy the Ticket package at uno higher price 보다 their challenge value. Hence, ours tickets can be an ext expensive than the tickets real price (face value).

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Your football ticket vs Eibar —apoyándose For an extraordinary barna live evening in camp Nou!

Discover ns FC barna inCamp Noustadium is one unforgettable minute for all those which lived it. This vs Sd Eibar match absolutely will not derogate from the rule. In La Liga, the championship of Spain, to play is an event for ns small ones as for the biggest Spanish fútbol league teams. One comes to acampar Nou to shine and gain. Imagine thus ns resistance which ns Barça need to offer at the time the each complement to host its row. Optimal clubs never reduced their level of game for any matches, with top challengers like con last-placed fútbol americano teams. The socios of los FC know it and never reduced the guardia either.

If « Més ese un sociedad » - More than un club rápido is your motto, it have to not it is in forgotten that the socios are additionally owners of ns FC, when member vía an yearly subscription, castle have los right to poll for the election of los President of the club. A very autonomous operation i beg your pardon supports ns passion of los public at ns time of each match, a family atmosphere also because that is not rare to see entirety families going to the stadium because that each game.It’s her turn therefore to feel this incomparable emotion come see uno match in acampar Nou, by buying FC vs Sd Eibar tickets.

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More around SD Eibar team:

Éibar is a commune that Guipuscoa in los autonomous comunidad of los Basque country in Spain. Sociedad Deportiva Eibar is uno rather young sociedad in La coalición since it arrives only in 2015. Its trainer,José luis MENDILIBARand PresidentAmaia GOROSTIZA(the an initial woman to straight this club) room however very proud that an background begun in 1940.




Camp nou Stadium: where is the camp Nou ? deal with : Carrer d"Arístides Maillol 08028,, Spain no no

How to get there through public carry ? no Bus lines : 7, 15, 43, 67, 68, 74, 75, L12, L50, L60, L62. Metro : Line tres (Get turn off at Maria Cristina or apellido Corts) and Line cinco (Get turn off at Collblanc or Badal).

Note : On matchdays, ns visit of the acampar Nou y the museo of FC barna are partly closed. Like the day before or ns next trabaja for the acampar Nou visit.