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no COVID‑19 contributed, directly and indirectly, to un 16% increase in los expected number of deaths in dos mil veinte and los first fifty percent of dos mil veintiuno across countries. Life expectations fell in veinticuatro of treinta countries and the mentorore health impact of los pandemic has been huge. Ns pandemic has likewise led to un sharp rise in health and wellness spending across los Coupled with reductions in financial activity, ns average health and wellness spending to GDP ratio jumped from 8.8% in 2019 to 9.7% in 2020.

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ns health affect of COVID-19 has been devastating, death millions y causing long-lasting symptoms for plenty of that survive. It has actually placed enormous pressure on health care services the were often already overstretched before los pandemic.

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Life span fell in most nations during the pandemic, mental distress has increased, y large health inequalities persist.

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Smoking, alcohol consumption, unhealthy nutrition, lack of physics activity y obesity are los root cause of countless chronic conditions y increase ns risk of people dying representar COVID-19.

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Despite universal health coverage in many countries, barriers to accessibility remain, with COVID-19 disrupting health treatment for people with other needs.

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quality of care is boosting in regards to safety and effectiveness, and more fist is being placed on patient-reported outcomes y experiences.

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Pre-COVID-19, security on health amounted to 8.8% that GDP top top average throughout countries. With los onset the COVID 19, sharp increases in health spending occurred in numerous countries, notably dentro de Europe.

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the number that doctors y nurses have increased over the previous decade in nearly all countries, yet shortages persist. This shortages have actually been thrown into sharp relief during ns pandemic.

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no Pharmaceuticals account for about one-sixth of health spending top top average. Raised uptake the generics and biosimilars have the right to increase value-for-money in wellness systems.

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wellness systems must adapt to meet ns needs of one ageing population, including uno greater demand for labour-intensive permanent care and more integrated, person-centred care.

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Health at a Glance provides ns comprehensive set of signs on population health y health device performance across members y key emerging economies. These cover health status, risk components for health, access to and quality of wellness care, y health resources. Analysis draws from the latest comparable official país statistics and other sources. Together indicator-by-indicator analysis, an introduction chapter summarises ns comparative power of countries y major trends. This edition also has un special emphasis on los health impact of COVID-19 in countries, consisting of deaths and illness resulted in by the virus, adverse effects on access y quality that care, and the growing burden of mentmore ill-health.