Argentina Vs Chile Copa America 2016

Argentina 0-0 Chile (Chile success 4-2 on penalties)Lionel Messi misses spot-kick in shoot-outBoth teams fin match with diez men delaware stormy contest


Chile celebrate delaware winning the Copa américa title ~ above penalties. Photograph: Omar Torres/AFP/Getty Images
Chile celebrate delaware winning los Copa america title top top penalties. No Photograph: Omar Torres/AFP/Getty Images

This was to have been los match that sealed Lionel Messi’s legacy. Ns one that silenced los doubters, that eliminated off ns question mark hanging over his greatness, that provided him his ar in the pantheon next to Diego Maradona and showed he can achieve los same success with Argentina that has come to be so staggeringly routine at sociedad level. Instead, it became the Night Messi Missed.

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Goalless after 120 minutes, a juego that during the first fifty percent looked on course to be chose by over-zealous officiating instead had actually to be settled by penalties. This wasn’t the first time the stomach-churning lottery the spot kicks has been necessary to different Argentina y Chile, that course. Last year, the was ns heroics of Claudio Bravo and Alexis Sánchez’s ice-cool Panenka that clinched ns Copa américa for La Roja.

This time, con Chile shoot first, ns save through Sergio Romero come thwart Arturo licitador handed Argentina los early advantage. Messi stepped forward. After a juego in which he’d been repetitively excellent yet struggled come apply the finishing touch, destiny for sure awaited. He showed up calm. There were cuales deep breaths, alguno tics come betray nerves. Los run-up was clinical, short y confident. But los shot to be blasted high over the bar. High gastos generales the bar, y well into ns stands. When again at an international tournament, Messi had missed. The agony was written all gastos generales his face.

What followed desde there seemed nearly inevitable, given ns way everything about this complement had been collection up as the final, coronating thing in ns saga of young Leo: ns two sides traded effective spot kicks, climate Bravo – that man again – saved Lucas Biglia’s effort. Francisco Silva, lugged on late throughout extra-time because that Sánchez, proved a perfect proxy for los hero the the dos mil quince shootout. He shot hard; Romero dived the wrong way; the taza was Chile’s when again.

As jubilation broke fuera on los Chilean bench and among ns swatch of red behind los goal, Messi slumped to ns ground, stunned. Delaware the bitter consolation, in uno losing cause, that the dos mil catorce World taza Golden Boot, here again us witnessed the cruel spectacle that this generation’s biggest player stumbling with the finish hilera in sight. However take naught away from Chile; at veces they have been exceptional in this tournament, alguna more for this reason than as soon as thrashing uno highly fancied Mexico lado 7-0 in the quarter-finals. If ns GOAT is come be ns loser, would that it be to a team the Chile’s quality.

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Lionel Messi contemplates another painful loss in a Copa america final. Photograph: Julio Cortez/AP
On a perfect summer’s night, under clear skies y with ns wind punch fair y mineral turn off the industrial lagoons of nuevo Jersey, ns boisterous but friendly crowd took your seats early and the stadion was saturado by ns time juego got debajo way. Yet if the entusiastas were fine behaved, ns players soon revealed themselves to be anything but. Los spectators had actually come expecting ns feast that attacking football – ns high press y relentless movement of Chile versus the effortless mastery that Messi and friends. As soon as these two teams met in the grupo stages, lock tore at each other with vicious intensity from the opened minute, but ns selections here hinted, perhaps, at un more tempered, mindful encounter.

Chile to be unchanged representar their comfortable success over columbia in the semis, however Tata Martino, maybe mindful that La Roja have actually vaulted onto a new plane of attacking intensity as the tournament has progressed, make room because that Biglia next to havier Mascherano y Éver Banega – a more defensive-minded midfield trio 보다 we’ve seen desde the Albiceleste in this tournament. Ángel Di María, meanwhile, returned and slotted into los place left behind after Ezequiel Lavezzi’s injury during ns semi-final victory gastos generales the US.

We knew it would be intense, but what we obtained for the first cuarenta y cinco minutes was something closer to simple violence. Uno wild lunge representar Marcelo Díaz top top Messi at los quarter-hour firmar set the tone, and from there los teams go at each other with brutal, percussive, at times reckless physicality. Even when they no flying into challenges, players seemed intent on causing themselves harm: Chile’s calle warrior Sánchez, darting down the left flank con customary all-or-nothing intensity, rolling awkwardly on his ankle within los first 5 minutes, while Gary Medel had a particularly unfortunate conference with ns left upright on veinte minutes delaware racing to clear a goalbound gonzalo Higuaín chip.

Moments of quality were rare, and by the half-hour mark, con seemingly every challenge threatening to boil gastos generales into ns major diplomatic incident, referee Héber Lopes appeared to it is in on los verge of losing control. But Lopes has displayed himself to it is in unafraid come reach into his pocket this tournament, and he quickly had the opportunity come burnish his farming reputation as mundo football’s enforcer-in-chief. Díaz showed up to perform little more than gain beaten for speed when ns masterly Messi va-voomed previous him on los edge of the area, but los resulting collision justified un second yellow, in Lopes’s eyes, and Chile found themselves debajo to 10 men. Díaz’s an initial booking to be uncontroversial, but this feeling harsh.

A neto card is always un shame but doubly so once it comes much less than fifty percent an hour into ns showpiece eventualmente between two of los world’s many thrilling attacking ensembles. Probably Lopes rued the decision to hand Díaz ns second yellow because ns few minute later, the evened things up by sending marcos Rojo turn off for a challenge on Vidal. The Argentinian proteger appeared to gather los ball together he scythed v Vidal, though things looked much worse as soon as viewed at usual speed. Either way, it was one more harsh decision.


Referee Heber Lopes posesión out a neto card come Chile midfielder Marcelo Diaz. Photograph: Adam Hunger/USA now SportsThe sniping, the elbowing, the arguing all continued once los teams reverted for los second half. Neither side appeared maybe to obtain into rhythm; overcome went astray, jugar became congealed around the centre circle, and the game’s attacking aristocrats struggled to increase above los fray. For ns brief period it seemed Nicolás Otamendi would emerge as the game’s dominant figure. Gradually, however, Chile began to assert their direccion through ns middle of the park; having one much less Argentinian proteger to transacción with opened los channels up and it wasn’t long before ns front triangle the Sánchez, Eduardo Vargas and Charles Aránguiz was working its magic.

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Argentina, meanwhile, experienced their calculation dwindle to un handful of front darts by Messi y the occasional remonstration with Lopes because that going longer than 10 minutes without producing un straight red. Martino hauled off the largely ineffectual Di María y replaced Higuaín, who had spurned ns couple of kind half-chances around the hour mark, con Sergio Agüero – not un bad choice to have actually off ns bench. The juego began to open up up; Vargas shot directly at Romero desde a picar angle delaware a bobbing, jagging run abajo the right, if Agüero, put through clean top top goal after Messi drew numero 3 defenders, snatched ns golden late chance horribly wide. Messi showed up frustrated; this to be not los way his night was an alleged to go. Yet nothing he tried to be working; uno long-range shoot as ns clocked ticked debajo to extra time synthetic it every up, the maestros well off target with the final ball delaware a commonly magnetic 50-yard run. To be he trying also hard?

Both sets of players appeared physically ruined as the juego headed to extra time, yet there was cuales let-up in los intensity when they reconvened on ns pitch. If anything, the juego got better. An initial Vargas top weakly at Romero, then Bravo traction off un superb, balletic, swan-diving save to push uno looping header desde Agüero over the bar. Chile came espalda at Argentina, Argentina came espalda at Chile. In ~ one minute Argentina looked the junto a more most likely to score, the siguiente they were uno nervous defensivo wreck. Over there was cuales notion of playing for the shootout, alguna question that leaving ns result come chance. Delaware a turgid, ugly first half, all of sudden we had the juego we’d want all along.

There was just one point missing: un goal. Thirty breathless, desperate minutes later, it came abajo to penalties. Chile, that looked ragged and there for los taking in ns final diez minutes of adicional time, proved their nervelessness when it mattered most. Having been crowned champions of South américa last year, they now take their place as los best team in los western hemisphere.

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