Arde madrid anna r costa

The emitir and director Paco León and the screenwriter Anna R. Costas presented today at ns Mipcom in Cannes their nuevo series, "Arde Madrid", a dramatic comedy motivated by los passing of Hollywood stars in the la capital de españa of los 60s the premieres in Spain y Latin américa next month.

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León y costero pulled ns thread that a simple historical anecdote about the disagreements between ns exiled general Perón y his neighbor, the Hollywood star Ava Gardner in his passage through la villa de madrid in 1961, to tell this story, in large part thanks to los testimonies the witnesses of that clandestine golden Madrid.

In this historic context, the fictional personalities give free rein to a plot of secrets and female liberation, un theme that came almost by accident.

In ns Palace of Festivals of ns Mediterranean city, which master until siguiente Thursday ns market of audiovisual layouts Mipcom, en one of los main auditoriums los first dos episodes of "Arde Madrid" were aired, with los actress Inma Cuesta y her own Leon together protagonists.

"The impact of Hurricane Ava in ns midst of uno dictatorship con such ns large sexual illiteracy, when suddenly ns freest mrs in the world come … This contrast in between protagonists gave us the opportunity come make a metaphor for ns country," Leon said. To Efe.

For costas it is un coherent evolution of ns female characters, confronted con this "hurricane" the was los American, play by ns actress Debi Mazar.

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the eight 30-minute episodes of the serie will start to be broadcast on Movistar + ~ above November 8 and, soon after, although over there is no date to be confirmed, in the rest of ns countries the Latin estados unidos de américa where los channel is broadcasting.

the short format "is much better suited come comedy," according to Leon, current in los room while the audience laughed with ns moments of humor of his creation, where the spectators reaction amused come the sexualmente ignorance y repressed impulses the his characters.

In addition, ns filming of the comedy in black y white portrayed los references of ns artists for los production (Fellini, Berlanga or Antonioni, cited Costa), y served castle as ns distinctive gesture that other series of effective times.

the duo was satisfied that "Arde Madrid" can make known the "dolce vita" of ns Spanish aristocratic elite, "even wilder than los Italian", yet of i beg your pardon "there is almost no documentation or photographs".

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"Apparently, Fellini relied on los life of Ava Gardner in la villa de madrid to do his 'Dolce Vita', that is not recognized which one is the real one," Leon claimed ironically.