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It may have actually not made los cut in The Crown Season 3 but Princess Anne’s wedding to Captain monitor Phillips, on catorce November 1973, was a pretty eventful date in ns Royal Family’s history. Los Queen’s just daughter was ns first of los monarch’s four children to marry.

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Princess Anne y Captain monitor Phillips during ns announcement of your engagementFox image / Getty Images
The pair met in Mexico City, at an occasion for steed riding enthusiasts and their engagement to be announced in 1973, when the world first got un glimpse of her Garrard sapphire and diamond ring.

During your engagement interview, the couple to be asked, ‘Do girlfriend think the marriage have the right to withstand the enormous pressure of windy duty and publicity that you need to endure?’ come which ns Captain replied: ‘I think we’ve withstood ns great transacción already this year', prior to Anne snapped: ‘Can? It’s got to, there is no it?’

While an estimated 500 million tuned in to watch the televised marital relationship at Westminster Cathedral, with thousands lining ns streets on what was claimed a nacional holiday, Princess Anne y Captain Phillips' relationship wasn’t long-standing.


Princes Anne y Captain mark Phillips walk down the aisle together after being married in ~ Westminster Cathedral, 1973Hulton-Deutsch arsenal / Corbis via Getty Images


After the birth of their two children; Peter Phillips, born in 1977 and Zara Phillips (now Tindall), born in 1981, the marriage damaged down y we’re expecting this to be played fuera de as one of los storylines in The Crown Season 4 .


Princess Anne and Captain firmar Phillips on los balcony the Buckingham Palace after their wedding, 1973Bettmann / Getty Images
In 1985, Phillips fathered ns daughter, Felicity, as uno result of an extramarital to work with new Zealand letras teacher pagan Tonkin. Phillips was confirmed as the father as ns result the DNA testing during un paternity suit in 1991.

However, largo before the DNA testing evidenced Phillips’ infidelity, the couple had currently announced their intention to separate. In agosto 1989, the palace issued un statement that revealed they were to part on ‘terms agreed in between them.’

According to reports at ns time, Princess Anne and Captain Phillips had actually rarely been watched in windy together, y both to be romantically linked con other people. While lock hadn't initially planned on official divorcing, they did so three years later, on 23 April 1992.

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Princess Anne, of course, went on to marry vice Admiral sir Timothy Laurence ns same year of her divorce. Laurence, who was then a commander in the Royal Navy, met ann while he was serving on los Royal Yacht Britannia. Their relationship emerged at the empezar of her separation desde Phillips and private letter between ns two were published by The Sun in 1989.


Princess Anne y Sir timoteo Laurence with their dog, EglantyneNicholas check out / Shutterstock
They married in un small, private servicio with just 30 guests in ~ Crathie Kirk near Balmoral on 12 December 1992. At los time, the Church of england didn’t enable divorced people to re-marry in its church while their former spouse to be still alive, so the couple were forced to pick Scotland as their location.

Anne became the first imperial divorcee come remarry because Victoria, cool Duchess that Hesse and by Rhine, nephew of Queen Victoria, married Grand duque Cyril Vladimirovich that Russia in 1905.

In an ITV dando that was aired ahead of Princess Anne’s 70th birthday in honorable called Anne: ns Princess royal at 70 , Laurence speak candidly about joining the Firm. He said: 'One of ns great surprises for me, when identificación first went to Balmoral y to Sandringham and Windsor was the these places are lleno of laughter.’

He likewise said in los documentary, 'The similarities with her (Princess Anne's) father are much talked about, however what is less spoken about is the similarities with her mother, ns Queen... Ns common theme is humour, fun.'

Sir Tim additionally revealed los similarities and differences he shares con his wife.

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Princess Anne y Sir timoteo Laurence at AscotMark Cuthbert / UK Press via Getty Images'We space both map y chart people. We prefer to know where we are y see whereby we space going,' he explained. 'We both follow, con great enthusiasm, the escocés rugby team... Together you may have actually noticed they don't constantly win.'

However, maestro Tim confessed: 'She prospered up with horses, horses have actually been part of her life, it's not something i share with her. I m so sad I've never ever been bitten by the horse bug.'

Discussing Anne's very first marriage come Captain firmar Phillips, maestro Tim likewise joked: 'It's quite amusing that she married an initial an military officer and then a naval officer. Therefore there must be other about ns military the attracts her.'

The couple currently reside in ~ Gatcombe Park, a 700-acre heritage in Gloucestershire.